Sightseeing in the Cluster

Site One: Antiquus

Site One 1

Site One's extensive logistical and infrastructure support for the multitude of projects completed under the auspices of Arek'Jaalan.

ERAM, Metropolis– With great fanfare earlier this week, Dr. Hilen Tukoss unveiled the centerpiece of his well-known Arek’Jaalan research initiative: Antiquus. Only the first step of a multi-tiered construction plan, Antiquus acts as a staging site and research center for the multitude of research projects that fall under the Arek’Jaalan umbrella. Many of the active research projects have received their own archiving centers, while all members of the Project have access to the site’s archivists and media specialists. Beyond research and administration of the Project’s many active research initiatives, the site’s principal goal is to act as outreach to the rest of the capsuleer community and the public at large.

Site One 2

The visitor's center and the Project's administrative headquarters.

The site’s extensive premises were constructed solely out of capsuleer donations. Members of the Arek’Jaalan project and the larger capsuleer community donated substantial sums both in liquid isk contributions and materiel. Coordinated by the Acquisitions Division, the site required all the basic components for research: over 800,000 water-cooled CPUs, 50,000 supercomputers, and 30 million kilograms of synthetic coffee. By providing the Project access to its own supercomputers, it no longer need rely on the generosity of its previous benefactor, Eifyr and Co. The biochemical and implant giant has supported the Project, and Dr. Tukoss in particular, since its inception. The future of Eifyr involvement and support is currently unknown.

Site One 3

Surplus construction equipment and housing for visiting researchers, as well as the site's staff.

Site One is not without it’s problems, however. Less than 24 hours after the Site was declared operational by Dr. Tukoss, the Site was subject to an attack that continues in fits and starts to this day. Apparently led by pro-Sansha Nation forces, whom have already targeted Arek’Jaalan for destruction as part of a broader war against capsuleer forces, the attacks have frequently revolved culminated in a statement by the attackers that they are acting for Nation, or for Master (Sansha Kuvakei). Many of the attacks have followed the same basic pattern: a capsuleer will attempt to place explosives near civilian and staff housing. After the first few attacks, it became clear that CONCORD would not intervene in preventing such attacks, while still attacking defenders of Site One. CONCORD has yet to release any comments on current protocol. Many attackers are pilots who have only very recently received licensing by CONCORD, often flying ships that they normally would not have received licensing for yet. Attacks on Site One continue, though Arek’Jaalan’s Security Division has mobilized a continuous presence at the site to deter future attacks.

Site One 4

Eram glints off the rows of project archives, while the research offices sits to the side.

Dr. Tukoss, the leader of Arek’Jaalan, has been in the spotlight before. He is perhaps best known for his daring run from the Caldari State to establish Arek’Jaalan in the first place. Leaving his previous job at Zainou, Dr. Tukoss led a desperate late-night flee, escorted by a handful of capsuleers to his present base in Eram. Tukoss’s actions caused quite a stir in the State, prompting some of the megacorporations to declare sanctions against Eifyr, and some capsuleers placed a bounty on Tukoss’s head. Despite these protests, Tukoss gained widespread support for his actions and the establishment of Arek’Jaalan. Today, the Project spans 13 different operational areas, with over 15 active research initiatives under its auspices. The Project welcomes pilots from any background and affiliation.

Site One 5

The Gallente adminstrative outpost stands guard over the local housing. Despite recent attacks on the local housing, CONCORD has yet to intervene.

Befitting such an expansive project, Antiquus’ grounds are extensive. Two outposts, of Federation and Republic design, serve as anchors to the two sides of the site. The Federation outpost serves as the administrative center of Antiquus. The project’s multitude of staff are stationed here. The Minmatar outpost acts as the primary research center for the site. Archivists and shuttles can often be seen flitting about the outpost, ferrying staff and researchers from one part of the site to another. Although both outposts boast docking facilities and an atmosphere-retaining forcefield, neither outpost currently allows capsuleer vessels to dock. Whether that functionality is envisioned for the future is currently unknown. Along with the outposts, the site boasts a visitor’s center, as well as an acceleration gate for planned expansion of the site. Furthermore, the site also boasts housing for both capsuleers (the Antiquus suites), as well as non-capsuleers. Surplus construction equipment is also still present at the site.

Site One 6

Project Compass's archives and data storage center.

Between the two outposts sits the primary archives for the site. Each active research project under the Arek’Jaalan umbrella has received its own archive to store research materials and papers. The pads, 18 currently, have also been designed with public outreach in mind. If a vessel approaches any of the archival sites, the archive will automatically upload a copy of that project’s research abstracts, containing that project’s leader, researchers, purpose, and conclusions (if any) that have been drawn. Full contact details are given to ensure that if the public has any questions regarding any of the research, they will be able to contact the head of the project. Research ranges from investigation of the Seyllin Incident to attempting to determine the location of so-called wormhole space. Dr. Tukoss expects to expand the archive section as more projects become active.

Site One 7

Research continues at the Site's labs and offices.

While not without its problems, Antiquus promises to bring a new light to Arek’Jaalan and its research. Whether that will translate into further support from the capsuleer community and the public at large, or merely more problems from Sansha and his allies, remains to be seen. Until and unless Sansha’s attacks require otherwise, research will continue apace both in Site One and throughout New Eden. Dr. Tukoss fully intends to continue outreach efforts as well. Just recently, he has been promoting both Arek’Jaalan and Antiquus in many of the core worlds, in an attempt to raise awareness and support for its projects. As Dr. Tukoss said recently in a message to supporters and followers: “Having said all that, this is but the first small step on a long and winding path. Arek’Jaalan’s research has, so far, only reached perhaps a few hundred capsuleers. In the future, we want that number to be in the thousands, and someday, in the hundreds of thousands.

“We’ve a lot of work left to do, but you should all take this week to celebrate our successes, and to cherish all the good that can come from cooperative efforts like ours.”

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Site One: Antiquus
  • System: Eram
  • Security Rating: 0.8
  • Region: Metropolis
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -3 in security status, or -5 standing with the Minmatar, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen. Additionally, while the attacks on Site One so far do not appear to be targeting ships, caution should still be exercised. Anyone interested in coordinating defense of the Site can contact me through links on the side.

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  1. Woot!

    December 4, 2011 at 11:04 pm

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  3. I’ve been there, it’s been an inspirational trek 🙂 plus, I’ve got some souvenirs back!
    Unfortunately most capsuleers don’t even know such places exist…

    November 21, 2012 at 9:48 am

    • Hence the website! I’m trying to increase awareness for precisely that reason 🙂

      Also, if you take a good look at those project abstracts, you just might find something in there from yours truly…

      November 21, 2012 at 11:02 am

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