Sightseeing in the Cluster


I generally try to keep the main blog here pretty focused on the sights and sounds you can find across New Eden. However, my interests range widely, and I sometimes find myself in a position to do a write up on some aspect of Eve lore that doesn’t really fit within the scope of Eve Travel. Below is a collection of most of the reports and writing I’ve done over the years separately from the main blog. Given its prominence, I’ve kept the Lore Survival Guide separate, but if you’re looking for that, you can find it here.

Crossing Zebras articles

I wrote briefly for Crossing Zebras discussing lore issues. For those who may be interested:

Drifter Anomaly Analysis

I’ve long wanted to sit down and perform a thorough analysis of the various anomalies that can be found in Drifter Hive systems. This in-character report performs a descriptive analysis of the 25 anomalies that can be found, along with some speculation as to what the sites could mean. The report can be read here.

Project Compass

Project Compass, of course, holds a special place in my heart, as I struggle in-character to figure out exactly where Anoikis (wormhole space) is in relation to New Eden. I’ve gone through 2.5 methodologies over the years to try to narrow it down, and I still pride myself in the fact that I got CCP to take action in shutting down Compass 2.0.

Project Compass 1.0

The first iteration of Project Compass is mostly kept here for historical value. I don’t consider it particularly accurate anymore, based on data from versions 2.0 and 2.5 of the data (below). Still, if you’re interested in seeing the original version of the project, feel free to read the Preliminary Analysis. The original datasets are still available for download over at Eve-files (thanks wordpress for not supporting .zip downloads, heh).

Project Compass 2.0

Project Compass was a joint endeavor between Project co-leads Mark726 and Faulx. The Project was part of the Arek’Jaalan research initiative. Those interested can find the full Preliminary Analysis here.

Project Compass 2.5

Despite CONCORD’s interference in fully developing the version 2.0 methodology, a related version proved to be still-tenable. I provide a test case in examining system J144956 using the modified methodology in this Preliminary Analysis.

In addition, my coauthor, Faulx, provided some additional visualizations for preservation: AnoikisQuasars02-09-2012AnoikisPerspective03-13-2012AnoikisSlideShow02-07-2012AnoikisInterconnections03-13-2012

Sanctuary Contest Guide

In July 2013, CCP conducted a live event of sorts encouraging pilots to obtain photos of a variety of phenomena found across New Eden. Despite the fact that the contest ended in 2013, some may still find it interesting to see the full write-up of what I prepared to help people pursuing the full event, and can read that write-up here. The winner of the event was eventually memorialized at a site in Jakanerva.