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Fallen Capsuleers Memorial

Editor’s note: If you are looking for the original cemetery post, please see here.

This took FAR longer to post than I wanted, but RL bows for no one, sadly!

The Memorial, with moon 1 of Molea II in the background

The common trope amongst the civilians of the cluster is to assume that all of us capsuleers are immortal. To a certain extent, of course, they’re not wrong. The body my consciousness resided in has ceased functioning a number of times, and in a few cases, explosively so. And yet, the circumstances in which those happened have always been fairly well-controlled, and occurred in such a way that the technology we rely on to be capsuleers could move my consciousness into a new body mere moments later. Yet, despite all the marvels of modern technology, life is not always well-controlled. Accidents happen. Technology malfunctions. Sometimes, even capsuleers are lost for good, and when that happens, our community does mourn, as with any other. Indeed, it was only a few weeks ago that the community came together for a similar reason.

That's a lot of cans tbh

The amount of cans (each dedicated to someone lost) anchored around the cemetery demonstrates its continuing popularity.

A decade ago, I came across an attempt by a capsuleer corporation to provide a place for those pilots left behind after a capsuleer leaves the community forever to mourn. Since its founding in 2007, the capsuleer cemetery had seen its up and downs. It’s been raided by a number of capsuleer corporations and alliances over the years. And yet, regardless of how many times the cemetery fell, it always reappeared, ready again to act as a place for mourning and comforting, and ready again to serve as a place to light a cyno for those lost capsuleers to find their way home. It’s a remarkable testament against the stereotype of pod pilots as selfish, conniving people only out for themselves.

Just a nice shot :-)

The pinnacle of the monument

Still, given the vulnerable nature of the original POS tower that served as the cemetery, there has long been a strong contingent within the community that pushed for CONCORD to provide a more durable and permanent place at which to hold these vigils and cemeteries. CONCORD has always been receptive to the idea, but ideas had changed over the years on the best way in which to establish such a memorial.

After years of deliberations, pleading, and planning, CONCORD last month unveiled the final memorial. Appropriately, the new monument is found just a few dozen kilometers from the still-standing capsuleer cemetery POS tower, near Molea II, moon 1. CONCORD has not placed a warpable beacon to the site, but it will show as a landmark on a ship’s sensor overlay. CONCORD has this to say about the memorial:

From the bottom upThis memorial to Fallen Capsuleers is the centerpiece of the cemetery originally established in orbit of the moon of Molea II by capsuleers of the EVE Cemetery corporation.

Having been in place for over a decade, and in view of ongoing developments in structure technology, it increasingly became clear that a dedicated memorial structure would enhance the cemetery and help preserve it for decades more. The Upwell Consortium, at the urging of a large number of private citizens and corporations, constructed the new Fallen Capsuleers Memorial in YC122.

A close up of the sculptureThe Fallen Capsuleers Memorial continues to support the establishment of individual memorial containers by capsuleers in the cemetery at Molea II, moon 1 .

Any Secure Cargo Containers that are anchored within 200km of this structure will not automatically decay over time. This structure does not provide any special protection against intentional destruction or scooping of containers.

This is just a nice and peaceful shot tbh

Molea II in the distance

The memorial itself is a towering one, very much dwarfing the POS tower around which the cemetery had rotated for so long. Three immense dark gray slabs rise up to meet each other. The slabs are segmented into basaltic columns so as to appear as if three enormous, irregular stairways to the heavens were converging in one place, an appropriate reminder both of our common humanity’s ultimate roots planetside, as well as our eventual ascent into the heavens. Between the three slabs, a cyno remains permanently lit. For a long time, now, cynos have been used by capsuleers to send off their fallen comrades, so that they might always still find their way home. Although nonoperable, the cyno at the memorial continuously oscillates and wraps in upon itself.

I mostly like the warp flash in this one

A visitor warps away

At the very pinnacle of the monument, above the three converging slabs, floats the symbolic capsule itself. Carved from the same dark basalt, the stylized capsule has both a male and a female figure emerging from the capsule. The male figure remains attached to the capsule, while the female figure is reaching towards an ineffable something, as if getting ready to move on. The cyno directly below the capsule reaches out in a column of light that bathes the entire sculpture, and small particles of light can be seen rising from the very base on the monument all the way up to the cyno, and again past the capsuleer sculpture. Every now and then, a great ball of light seems to emerge, as it follows the column of light into the night.

This is seriously such a wonderful shot. Thanks to Manic for permission to use it

Reaching for the stars (Photo credit: Manic Velocity)

I haven’t meant to be so morbid during the past couple of entries. I have always been one to try to see the silver lining on any particular situation. And yet, these are important things to consider. The capsuleer age in New Eden has been going strong for nearly 2 decades now and, with it, has come a close-knit community. Inevitable with the formation of that community, unfortunately, is the loss of some members, and the need to remember those who have left is powerful indeed. And yet, with the mourning of those very real losses comes also a celebration of sort for what, out of all of the possibilities in which we could have found ourselves in the universe, we have managed to find.

Godspeed to those we have lost, and o7

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Fallen Capsuleers Memorial
  • System: Molea
  • Security Rating: 0.7
  • Region: Khanid
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -3.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: A few of them this time. As I noted in the entry, this particular site is not marked with a beacon viewable in the overview, as most sites are. You can warp directly to Molea II, Moon 1, however, and it does show up on the sensor overlay. Additionally, as noted, anchored cans within 200 km of the monument will NOT decay.

Capsuleer Cemetery


Dozens of graves surround a station in Molea

Editor’s note: This is a post about the original capsuleer cemetery. If you are looking for the Fallen Capsuleer Memorial next door, please see here.

Death is a constant threat for a pod pilot, and it has been on my mind even more in recent days thanks to the recent increased and worrying activity of the Sanshas. Thankfully, advances in technology also mean that, at least for us, death is only an inconvenience. A few million isk to set up a new clone contract, and more to buy new implants, and it’s as if our bodies had never died in the first place. Because dying is only a mere inconvenience for us, most pod pilots often shrug off a corpse like we would a used pair of boots, never giving it a second thought. When our very essence can simply be downloaded into a new body, why bother worrying about what’s happened to the previous one?


A grave for a pod pilot known only as Sorly

Not everyone gives so little thought to clones that pilots don’t need anymore, however. Around Moon 1 of Molea II, a small POS sits. Surrounding that POS is a veritable cemetery of pilots who have moved on to a new mortal coil. Painstakingly maintained by Azia Burgi, the cemetery acts as a final resting place for dozens of pilots. Each body sits in an individual plot, and marked with a name and a simple “RIP”. There the bodies sit, for anyone who wants to pay their respects for the departed.


The POS and its armaments guard the cemetery from would-be attackers

Surprisingly (or not, depending on how optimistic you are on humanity in New Eden), in the middle of the cemetery sits a surprisingly well armed station. ECM and gun batteries stand at the ready to protect the graves. Sadly, such protection is needed after some groups decided to desecrate the graveyard soon after the cemetery became public knowledge. However, that has not stopped Azia from continuing to provide these burial services. Why someone would want to attack a cemetery is not exactly clear. The attackers claimed that the cemetery defiled the bodies and put them on display to be gawked at, but that seemed like thin reasoning indeed.


A grave sits near the POS shields

I took the Professor out to the site. Even as I came out of warp, I was struck by the sheer number of graves. The graves sat in a small cloud centered on the POS and its shield. I was the only one present at the cemetery at the time, even the caretaker was nowhere to be seen when I arrived to pay my respects. I felt it was better this way, to let me be alone with my thoughts as I slowly made my way through the cemetery. I didn’t recognize any of the names that I saw on the graves, but that made the experience no less poignant for me.


The Professor slowly glides towards a grave

I couldn’t help but reflect on these graves as I made my way through the cemetery. What if I found one of my prior bodies here? I’m not entirely sure how I would feel about that. It would be an uncomfortable reminder that I have lost part of myself. We’ve all read the claims: as long as your clone is sufficiently advanced, any losses to a person’s essence- their memories and abilities- are negligible at best. But how could I be so sure? The scary thing was that I couldn’t be. It was a deep philosophical and metaphysical question, and one that I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to know the answer to. I spent a while at the cemetery, paying my respects to the fallen. As I left, I couldn’t help but notice the nearby moon. A somewhat inappropriate laugh came from me, as I was reminded of an old saying from when I was growing up: “Shoot for the moon, for even if you miss you’ll land amongst the stars.” How true that statement was. Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Capsuleer Cemetery
  • System: Molea II, Moon 1
  • Security Rating: 0.7
  • Region: Khanid
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -3.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.