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Violent Wormhole

Promised Land 1

An apparently stable wormhole.

Missiles and ammo flung themselves across the vastness of space at incomprehensible speeds. Lasers singed shields, armor buckled and collapsed, and ships exploded as their reactors went critical. My own drake, hardened as it was for battle, heaved violently as it took what evasive maneuvers it could to avoid the Sansha onslaught. An artificially generated wormhole had been discovered in Yulai mere moments ago, and the battle was just getting underway. About 100 kilometers out, a cloud of Sansha battleships, dark enough to block out the sun despite how close we were to it, began ever so slowly moving towards the fleet set up to defend the heart of civilized space. Suddenly, alarms blared at me as over 50 Sanshas locked on to me. Apparently, I was one of their first picks of the day. Ammunition bore down on me as the drake struggled valiantly to keep my shields up. Within moments, though my shields collapsed, and soon the armor did as well. My hull collapsing around me, I instructed the crew that remained alive to abandon ship and suddenly-

Promised Land 2

Professor Science can be seen through the spatial distortion of the wormhole

I shot upright in my bed, drenched in sweat. This hadn’t been the first time that I’d had nightmares in the aftermath of the battle of Yulai, but it was the first time that I had woken up in the middle of one of my dreams. After a few moments of confused disorientation, I realized that Aura’s incessant beeping was alerting me to a priority message. I quickly opened it up, and as I read it, my eyes widened in surprise. I quickly contacted my hanger to prep Professor Science for immediate departure. If what I was seeing was true… This I had to see with my own eyes.

Promised Land 3

I unsuccessfully attempt to take my Buzzard through the wormhole.

Within half an hour from waking up, I entered into the system of Promised Land. I have been in this system a number of times, as it was only one jump out from New Eden and the EVE Gate, but never before had I known of anything noteworthy in this system. The massive collapsed remnant of the fabled link to our home planet had always been this area’s primary attraction. Indeed, the Sisters of Eve spent countless hours attempting to study and even reopen the supposedly stable wormhole that had collapsed so long ago. This time around, though, my eyes were set in Promised Land. I vectored Professor Science towards Planet I, and the ship launched into warp. As I came out of warp near the planet, there it was as clear as day. Exactly as the message had described it. Sitting just a few kilometers from the warp in point sat a wormhole.

Promised Land 4

A storm rages below on Promised Land I while the wormhole sits... and doesn't collapse

But this wasn’t just any run of the mill wormhole that you could easily find in most systems throughout the cluster these days. This, at least from initial appearances, appeared to be another stable wormhole. Just like the infamous one just a system over. But this one also had the distinction of being of artificial construction (the current wormholes popping up throughout the cluster may or may not be naturally occurring, the academics have yet to come to a conclusion on that to my knowledge). And constructed by the Sansha no less. Prior to the current incursions of entire constellations, the Sansha had shown the ability to create artificial wormholes to invade particular systems. They had used their wormhole technology to directly invade Yulai, where a large capsuleer force had appeared to defend it. Directly after the Yulai event, however, Sansha forces regrouped in Promised Land and engaged in a much more limited battle with defense forces. The wormhole used to enter Promised Land was the one sitting in front of me today. More than a month later, it was still sitting here. Perhaps most surprisingly, no one seemed to have known or cared about this. Despite the obvious significance of this, there were no survey or science ships here to study this wormhole compared to the one in New Eden.

Promised Land 5

A second sun can be made out within the wormhole itself. What sun that is, however, remains a mystery.

I tried to take Professor Science through the wormhole to no avail. Like the other wormholes used by the Sansha, they had somehow keyed it to only allow only Sansha ships through. All I could do with the wormhole was see a very distorted image of the other side. I circled around the wormhole to see if there was anything I could see through it, but it remained as mysterious as ever. I could make out a star of some kind on the other side, but all attempts to identify it failed. I couldn’t even tell if it was just a strange reflection/refraction of Promised Land itself. It remained as mysterious as ever. All attempts to cross the event horizon boundary merely resulted in me getting bounced back by some kind of force.

After about 15 minutes I gave up. Professor Science simply could not get me the information I needed. I would have to do the only thing I knew how: advertise this bizarre wormhole to others, and hope that someone else could crack its secrets.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Violent Wormhole
  • System: Promised Land, Planet I
  • Security Rating: 0.3
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards:  Low sec travel is needed to get to the landmark.  Caution is advised.

Hollow Asteroid


A large asteroid sits near the Antem gate in Djimame

My travels once again took me into the oldest region in New Eden: the rather aptly-named Genesis region. Ruins of stations and other structures left over from a time long since past could be found throughout the region. The ruins could often be found near the gates in that region, which makes given the long term stability of the gravitational resonances around the stars that are necessary for interstellar travel. However, even with the graceful and ancient Amarrian structures floating about, my eyes were instead drawn to a site of natural beauty.


The Professor approaches the strangely shaped asteroid

Near the Antem gate in Djimame stands a large asteroid. By no means the largest asteroid out there, it’s not even large enough to be spherical, but it’s a sizeable asteroid nonetheless. What makes the asteroid notable, however, is not its location but rather what it was missing. As I sat behind the asteroid relative to Djimame itself, I could easily see the star through the asteroid. A large hole bored almost straight through the thing to the other side. The hole was sizeable enough that I could have maneuvered the Professor through it if I had tried. Not that I wanted to try, of course. The fragile “bunny ears” of my ship wouldn’t take well to grazing the asteroid’s interior.


A sliver of Djimame can be seen through the hole in the asteroid.

The asteroid was by no means the grandest sight that I’ve seen in my travels. It wasn’t a sight that made me question my place and significance in the universe. It didn’t make me stare in awe at the fury of nature or man. It didn’t even make me feel particularly strong about, well, anything. But I guess not everything in New Eden had to inspire strong emotions. After all, sometimes, a rock with a hole in it is just a rock with a hole in it.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Hollow Asteroid
  • System: Djimame
  • Security Rating: 0.3
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to Djimame involves low sec travel.  Pirates and gate camps should be expected.  A cov ops or other cloaking ship is recommended.

Ministry of War Station

I approached the station from it's undamaged side

Capsuleers are many things. Throughout my travels, I’ve met some very noble souls, but I’ve also met some very wicked ones. I find it hard to fathom exactly how much control we ultimately wield over the affairs of not just a planet or a system, but a veritable galaxy. The course of empires can be changed at the mere blink of an eye of a capsuleer. Remarkably, though, I’ve always found it heartening that, for the most part, we keep our affairs to ourselves. It’s rare indeed that civilians get caught in the crossfire of our great wars, and when they do, it’s almost always because they made a choice to be a crew on our ships. Indeed, it’s really only when I see the glittering lights of a colonized world that I think about how many lives go, for the most part, untouched by us.

I quickly swung the Professor around for a good look at the debris

It was for that reason and more that I read about the events at Pashanai with sadness. I had headed planetside two days before to handle some personal business, and was not able to return to my pod for another three, but the moment my pod secured itself in the Professor, I knew exactly where I was going. It was a strange, but pervasively human desire to see the results of disasters. Part of you can’t bear to think of the lives affected or destroyed, and yet the rest of your can’t even think of looking away, if only to see what happens next. I’ve seen it time and time again, even before I gained my Pilot’s license. That strange desire was pulling me once again, so off I went to Pashanai.

Pashanai III hangs in the background.

By the time I had returned to my pod, of course, most of the details of the attack had played out. At roughly 11:00 Eve Standard Time, an explosion ripped through the hull of the Ministry of War station in Pashanai. The Amarr rapidly mobilized on the Minmatar border, especially after it was learned that a member of the Theology Council, the Amarrian high court, was on-board the station. Indeed, up until 20 minutes before the explosion, Empress Jamyl Sarum was scheduled to be on the station at the time of the explosion. Over 5,500 people perished that day. The Amarrians were understandably upset over the attack, but at least some commentators jumped on the Amarrian response as too aggressive. The Minmatar terrorist group Bloody Hands of Matar soon claimed responsibility for the attack, and they were quickly and rightfully denounced by the Minmatar and Gallente governments. However, at least some ties have been uncovered between the BHoM and the infamous Ushra’Khan capsuleer alliance.

The Professor performs a fly-by over the damaged hull sections of the station.

It was with this background that I approached the station. Given my original warp-in angle, the station looked remarkably untouched, and I briefly wondered if the explosion had occurred in the heart of the station. As I circled the Professor around, however, the huge gash on the other side of the station quickly came into view. Almost half of the station’s dome was charred and burnt. These sections stood in stark contrast to the normally gleaming Amarrian hulls that I have grown so used to seeing. Tiny bits of debris still littered the area, though unlike the Caldari, the Amarr had at least managed to put the fires out by the time I arrived.

The Professor glides past a particularly damaged part of the station.

As I circled the station a few times, I couldn’t help but marvel at how just cheap life can appear. It’s often easy to forget about mortality when you’re a capsuleer. Instant cloning will do that to you. Still, that’s a luxury beyond most people’s wildest dreams, and it is a constant struggle to remind myself that just because I may wake up in a clone bay doesn’t mean that the hundreds of other people that serve on my ship will. And those on the station certainly didn’t have a chance to get to an escape pod, or know that they’d wake up mildly irritated in a new body. Capsuleer technologies are a wonderful gift, but it’s times like this that I wonder if it’s worth the loss of our humanity. Because if mortality isn’t the singular defining feature of our existence, what is? If losing our lives means nothing to us, how can we fathom what it means to those who don’t have our benefits?

With too many questions, and too few answers, I left the smoldering ruins behind.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Ministry of War Station
  • System: Pashanai
  • Security Rating: 0.5
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

Yulai Graveyard


The remains of a CONCORD Battleship

CONCORD represented the strength and order of the Empires.  When CONCORD was prompted into action, nothing stood in its way.  It was the ultimate statement by the Empires that they would punish those who broke its laws within Empire space.  It was always important, however, to remember that CONCORD never preemptively attacks but only responds.  But respond it will, and there is not a capsuleer out there who can resist its wrath.

Minmatar wreckage

CONCORD gave as much as it got

Indeed, for as long as I’ve been a capsuleer, CONCORD had an almost mythic quality to it.  Nothing could resist it when it decided action was necessary.  Of course, that’s what made the attack on Yulai all the more shocking to those who relied on CONCORD to enforce order throughout empire space.  It was a daring attack, really.  That was not to say that CONCORD shouldn’t have seen it coming.  Cynos, of course, are banned in empire space, and CONCORD should have been on its highest alert the moment one first appeared in Yulai mere weeks before the actual attack.  But I suspect CONCORD had grown just as complacent as some capsuleers have become in thinking that Empire Space is and should always be completely safe.

The battlefield

We all remembered where we were when the attacks happened.  I was back sitting in my old base of Isikesu, sitting in a bar when Scope broke the story.  The station immediately locked down.  I can’t blame the station authorities, really, since chances are SOMEONE would have blamed them and sued for allowing them to leave when CONCORD was, for all apparent purposes, inoperative.  By now, the story itself is fairly well known: In a daring attack, and in an attempt to free one of the Minmatar tribes still held by the Amarr, the Thukker Elders attacked CONCORD in an attempt to take down their Enforcement Division, so the Thukkers could stage multiple attacks on Amarr space.


CONCORD's home station suffered its share of the damage

I maneuvered the Professor through the wreckage.  It was clear from the battlefield that both sides suffered massive damage. Of course, seeing CONCORD battleships adrift, lifeless, was a bit jarring for me, since you so rarely see CONCORD wrecks of any kind.  But I suppose that CONCORD doesn’t often have to deal with capital ships, with the aforementioned ban on cynos in high security space. The Naglfar remnants, tattered remnants floating nearby, however, showed that even when caught by surprise that CONCORD could respond admirably.  However, the nearby CONCORD headquarters, still damaged even after all of this time, showed just as clearly that the Thukker Elders knew exactly where and how to hit CONCORD the hardest.  For that, they deserved some respect.  Shaking my head, and wondering if life would ever quite be the same again, I vectored the Professor out of the system.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Yulai Graveyard and CONCORD Station
  • System: Yulai
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2.0 security status, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

Central Point

Editor’s Note: With the Crucible update, it appears this site is no more, alas. The station itself is gone from the gate, and the gate is now pointing in a different direction entirely.

Being this deep into Genesis, a number of older ruins still littered the area.  Older stations, clearly Amarrian in design, could often be found just a few klicks off of many of the stargates in the area.  It was a bit jarring to see these old, battered, stations- more than picked clean by raiders over the years- next to the more modern stargates and CONCORD billboards, but such was life as a pod pilot.

Before jumping into Dead End, I noticed something a little strange, even for this area of New Eden.  Near the Dead End gate stood a station.  Perhaps that wasn’t quite the right wording:  In the Dead End gate stood a station.

The station overlaps with the gate.

The station overlaps with the gate.

The gate seemed to be installed directly into the station’s former superstructure.  I had never seen anything like it.  Gates were usually free-standing affairs, I didn’t see any immediate reason why the original gate builders needed to put this one in the station.  I turned on the Professor’s sensors.  I couldn’t make any definitive conclusions, but apparently some material defects within the gate’s construction meant that the gate’s superstructure couldn’t maintain integrity.  Rather than sending out for a new gate (a long time to wait, especially before the invention of jump drives), the builders probably decided to use the already-existing station to reinforce.

The other half of the gate

The other half of the gate

A few hull breaches existed in the station’s structure.  One of them was- barely- enough to maneuver the Professor through.  For a cobbled together gate built into a station, the gate itself looked remarkably nondescript… if it hadn’t been bisected by a massive station.  Still, the gate itself seemed to be functional.  The wormhole that actually threw the ship to Dead End was formed just in front of the station’s hull: as long as the gate mechanisms stayed intact, it could safely throw myself and the Professor into Dead End.

Activating the gate

Activating the gate

I sent the automated request to activate the gate.  As the gate opened the wormhole, I couldn’t help but think that this kind of situation must have terrified the builders of the gate.  The prospect of making that years-long trip for nothing… well, I could certainly understand why they would do whatever possible to salvage the situation.  It was a quirky little discovery that I had made, but a cool one nonetheless.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Gate inside a station
  • System: Central Point, jumpgate to Dead End
  • Security Rating: 0.2
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to Central Point from high sec space requires extensive low sec travel.  Pirates (both pod and rat varieties) can be quite common on the route.  A covops would be recommended.

The Monolith

Sitting in space

Sitting in space

EDIT: Please note that there have been recent changes to the Monolith. Specifically, it has been moved to approximately an Astronomical Unit out from Dead End V, Moon 5 (though Moon 5 is still the closest celestial object). A beacon has now been added to the overview to navigate to the Monolith. Finally, Blood Raider cruisers and frigates now congregate near the Monolith. Caution is, as always, advised.

Cruising near New Eden, I came across a small, out of the way system known as Dead End.  It’s a small, relatively unremarkable system, really, with eight planets.  Living up to it’s name, there’s only one way in, and one way out.  I almost warped right back out looking at the basic system map, but I felt like there was something out there.  After probing for a few moments, nothing came up on the Professor’s scans, or on the scanner probes.  Still, I couldn’t quite shake the feeling that someone, or something, was watching me.  Judging me.  I checked the local comm net, but I was the only ping back from the system router.

Regardless, I began warping among the various celestials in the system.  Time and again, there was absolutely nothing out there.  But why didn’t I feel quite alone?

It's full of stars.

It’s full of stars.

Then, near the fifth moon of the fifth planet, I noticed something in the distance from my warp in points.  I immediately directed the Professor’s scanners at it, but it registered as…. nothing.  Not just the “nothing” of empty space, but literally nothing.  Like my scanners were going right through it.

Playing around with my sensors for a few moments, I recalibrated them to take at least the dimensions of it.  One thing was immediately apparent: it met a perfect 1:4:9 ratio.  Not even a micron off.  The cool, clean black surface, with nary an impact crater in sight, suggested it might have been dropped into the system just yesterday, but something told me that this dated back to the time of the original Colonizers of New Eden, maybe even further back than that.

The Monolith was huge next to my ship

The Monolith was huge next to my ship

I approached it, hoping that maybe some of the Professor’s probes could knock off a sample of the material, but to no avail.  I managed to lock onto it, at least, but my analyzer couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

After a few minutes, I gave up, and resumed my exploration.  I couldn’t shake the feeling that, as much as it didn’t seem to react at all to my presence, that something had studied me closely during those brief few moments.  With a final shiver, I returned to Central Point, intent on getting back to high sec for the day.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: The Monolith
  • System: Dead End V, Moon V
  • Security Rating: 0.2
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to Dead End from high sec space requires extensive low sec travel.  Pirates (both pod and rat varieties) can be quite common on the route.  A covops would be recommended.
  • Additional Notes: I’ve heard a number of rumors that a second monolith actually exists in New  Eden, and that it jumps around from system to system. I haven’t seen this myself, and so therefore can’t confirm or deny it, but I wanted to pass it along.

EVE Gate

The first, and perhaps most popular, attraction in EVE is the system of New Eden.  According to popular lore, thousands of years ago, our ancestors came to New Eden through a massive wormhole.  Colonies were established,and a massive jump gate was built around the wormhole to stabilize it.  After a number of colonies were established, however, some form of calamity struck the gate, collapsing the wormhole and cutting off New Eden from contact with our home systems.  Left to their own devices, most colonies quickly collapsed entirely.  A few, however, managed to eke out an existence, becoming the five main empires of today: Gallente, Amarr, Caldari, Minmatar, and Jove.

Today, all that remains of our contact with our original homeworld is the destroyed system of New Eden.  A small white dwarf star, orbited by a single planet, is all that exists in the system beyond the jumpgate from Central Point.  In the background, the EVE gate can be seen, pulsing.  The original EVE gate itself is about 3 light years out from the system, and unfortunately an unwarpable object.  Even if it were closer, massive amounts of radiation and electromagnetic interference would buffet and destroy any ship that attempted to get close to it.  Rumor has it that a substantial collection of debris and remains from the original colonizers of New Eden exists in the system, but the Jove have cloaked any and all of the debris, supposedly to keep the advanced technology of the colonizers out of the hands of the current powers.

The EVE Gate pulsates slowly behind the lone stargate in the system.

The EVE Gate pulsates slowly behind the lone stargate in the system.

Regardless of whatever else is, or isn’t, in the system, the EVE gate itself is a sight to behold.  Slowly pulsating from a radiant central point, the gate easily dominates the entire sky around New Eden.  Cans can often be found in system, as reminders of how far some of the travelers to the system have made it in an attempt to get to the only remaining link to the systems of our birth.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: EVE Gate
  • System: New Eden
  • Security Rating: 0.3
  • Region: Genesis
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to New Eden from high sec space requires extensive low sec travel.  Pirates (both pod and rat varieties) can be quite common on the route.  A covops would be recommended.


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