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Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery

Stay gold, Amarr.
The Fortress Monastery and associated support structures.

Towering cathedrals. Gleaming golden spires spread over dozens, if not hundreds, of square kilometers. Bustling, luminous starships everywhere you turn. You might be forgiven for thinking you were at the very heart of the empire in Amarr, just a few kilometers off the Emperor Family station in orbit of Amarr VIII. Instead, I found myself 3 jumps out from the Amarr homeworld, in the distant outskirts of the Thebeka system. Surrounded by over 220 AU of complete nothingness and the nearly 250 AU-distant local star merely a glint of starlight on the many towering cathedrals, the Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery is an imposing sight and a striking reminder of the power of the fanatical orthodox sect of the Amarr religion.

The smaller structures seem to act as an honor guard for the main base.

Founded nearly two millennia ago, the titular St. Tetrimon (born Inire Ardishapur) earned his sainthood in the most Amarrian of fashions: by killing an emperor who also happened to be his grandfather. To be quite fair, the emperor, Zaragram II, probably deserved it, given that even today he is known as the Mad Emperor. Zaragram II is probably best well-known today for attempting to construct the City of God in Shastal, a disastrous engineering project meant solely to stoke Zaragram’s own ego and proclaim how great he was. It didn’t work. But beyond his poorly-thought-out engineering projects, Zaragram II also attempted to rewrite the Amarrian religion, rewriting the sacred Scriptures as he went to give even greater power to the Emperor. Plenty of clerics disagreed with the rewrites and other changes being proclaimed by Zaragram II, but it was Inire who sought to solve the problem permanently. As he plunged the dagger into his grandfather, he allegedly yelled “a manu dei e tet rimon”, which roughly translates to “I am the devoted hand of the divine God” in ancient Amarr. A new saint was born.

The entire complex is oriented directly starward.

Since its founding, the Order (some call it a cult) has dedicated itself to restoring the Scriptures to its original, pre-Zaragram II state. Unsurprisingly given its initial mission, the Order since its founding has served to maintain the orthodoxy of the Amarr religion; it frequently objects to any attempts to modernize or update the religion. Its power over the years has waxed and waned, but its impressive fortress monastery in Thebeka demonstrates that even at the lowest ebb of its power, the Order is a force to be reckoned with in Amarr society. Indeed, even Aura seemed to be stepping lightly as she collated relevant information for me as I dropped out of warp at the monastery:

This heavily fortified monastery serves as a regional chapterhouse for the Order of St. Tetrimon in Domain. As a major base for this powerful religious and military order, it is defended by fanatical followers of the Tetrimon’s radical scriptural, theocratic, and militarist doctrines.

The construction of this fortress monastery within the Thebeka system was made possible by Royal Heir Arim Ardishapur who sees the Tetrimon as valuable allies on the politically conservative and religiously militant side of the struggle for the future of the Amarr Empire. Order of St. Tetrimon military forces were involved in putting down a number of slave rebellions in Ardishapur domains, including a major uprising in the Thebeka system. The construction of this fortress monastery in the system marks that service and underlines the political alliance between House Ardishapur and the Order.

Although the monastery is officially sanctioned by the local Ardishapur authorities, many observers have noted the Order’s choice to construct their facility at the very outer reaches of the Thebeka system, far from the populated inner planets and public space stations. This choice of location is viewed as a clear signal that the Order of St. Tetrimon continues to see itself standing apart from the temporal politics of the Empire, with its mission distinct, deeply spiritual, and remaining fully inspired by the example of St. Tetrimon.

The Order was founded in 21460 AD in the name of St. Tetrimon, an Ardishapur noble who assassinated his grandfather the Emperor Zaragram II, in response to the increasingly megalomaniac and heretical actions of the “Mad Emperor”. The Order of St. Tetrimon was tasked by the Council of Apostles with the role of preserving the original Amarr Scriptures and purging all apocryphal and non-canon texts, which included the majority of Zaragram II’s decrees. This mission later brought the Order into tension with the dominant powers of the Amarr Empire during the era of the “Moral Reforms” that began in 21875 AD. This tension grew until 22762 AD, when the Order of St. Tetrimon was officially suppressed by the Imperial authorities. Surviving members of the Order fled to the Khanid Kingdom where they received political protection.

During this time in exile, the Order of St. Tetrimon worked to increase their martial strength and increased their militarism to ensure that they would be able to defend their beliefs if another conflict erupted. This served them well when the Minmatar Rebellion began in 23216 AD. The Order reached an agreement with Emperor Heideran VII as Amarr forces were overstretched by the spreading rebellion. The Order would be allowed to once again travel through the Empire freely in return for assistance against Minmatar forces. In subsequent decades, ships flying Tetrimon colours became much feared by the young Republic Fleet for their fearless attacks and the suicidal fury shown by their pilots.

I tried so hard to center things in this pic and it was nearly impossible.

During the remaining reign of Heideran VII the Tetrimon were left untouched, on the understanding that they would not attempt to undermine Emperor’s authority. The agreement did not survive under Heideran’s successor Doriam II, a ruler with liberal views and a history of releasing slaves. Increasing conflict with the Theology Council during Doriam II’s YC105-107 reign led to the Order of St. Tetrimon being suppressed once more following a political struggle that involved several Royal Houses and even capsuleers. Returning to their secluded fastnesses in the Khanid Kingdom and beyond, the Order remained relatively quiescent during the Karsoth Interregnum, building its strength and continuing its mission.

I really like this pic. The ships getting dwarfed by the larger structures give a wonderful sense of scale IMO

Following the Elder Fleet Invasion of the Amarr Empire in YC110, and the return and coronation of Empress Jamyl I, the Order of St. Tetrimon welcomed the new Amarr ruler and pledged its continuing fealty to the Holy Amarr Empire. Upon the death of Empress Jamyl I in YC117, the Order returned to the Empire as a neutral arbiter and guardian of the Imperial Succession process, in an Empire that had become deeply factionalized and corrupted by “Red Chamberlain” Dochuta Karsoth’s rule.

I will never not love the little cathedral windows on this model.

During the rule of Empress Catiz I, the fortunes of the Order of St. Tetrimon have continued to improve. Under the leadership of Grand Master Khemon Dulsur an-Tetrimon, the Order has established a role as a force useful for seeking out and suppressing rebellion and heresy. Increasing conflict across New Eden has revitalized the “Religious Reclaimer” tendency among the Amarr Empire’s powerful nobility and brought support for the Order. Militant and conservative houses such as the Ardishapur and Sarum have forged cordial relations with the Tetrimon, in an Amarr Empire with royal houses, powerful ministries, and religious factions carefully balanced against one another by a relatively new Empress.

The main fortress monastery. Note the moat-like ring structure around it.

I was surprised to discover that the monastery in Thebeka was only a regional chapterhouse for the order. Its grandiosity and the bustle of nearby ships could be mistaken for the main headquarters of the Order. The main structure is a grand building of classic Amarr design: a soaring structure with two main towers clad in gold that very much evokes the feelings of an Amarr cathedral that wouldn’t be out of place in the heart of Dam-Torsad, the capital city on Amarr. The gently curving twin towers are surrounded by a golden ring that emphasizes the “fortress” side of the fortress monastery, making it feel as if the central cathedral is surrounded by a protective moat.

It was surprisingly difficult to get a good view of the side structures. I suspect it has to do with their very skinny dimensions.
A closer view of some of the surrounding support structures and ships.

Serving as a sort of “honor guard” leading up to the main structure are 11 pairs of smaller, though no less resplendent, structures. The smaller structures, all of identical design, reminded me of nothing so much as giant golden apostrophes. The space apostrophes appear to serve as the main spacedock facilities for the base here, as well as the barracks. My assumptions are apparently confirmed by the numerous Paladin- and Zealot-class ships that can be seen swarming around these smaller structures. No larger ships can be seen around the main monastery, almost as if the ships were also too afraid of the leaders of the Order being too aware of their existence. I strongly sympathize with that feeling.

Reaching for the sun
The insignia of the Order superimposed on the local star.

Indeed, I was quite glad that I chose to fly Professor Science in today’s visit. Not only would the 220+ AU trip out to the monastery have felt interminable with a slower warp drive, I found myself nervous being near so many combat vessels, so I stayed cloaked my entire time. To be quite clear, I was deep in high security space Aura didn’t mark any of the vessels swarming around the base as a direct threat to me, but you can never quite tell what will set off a fanatical follower of the Amarr religion.  I wasn’t about to take any chances, as I had heard some horror stories of the forced conditioning that some of the more… enthusiastic adherents to the religion were willing to carry out. After taking one last look at the gleaming spires of gold, I initiated the long warp back towards the stargate.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Order of St. Tetrimon Fortress Monastery
  • System: Thebeka
  • Security Rating: 0.9
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

Chribba Monument

Did I just brag about all of the things I've done over years? maaaaaaaybe
The Chribba Monument.

Fame is…. well, fame is weird. Particularly when you aren’t trying for it. In writing about the things you can find across New Eden here, I find myself with a modicum of fame to deal with. I admit that there is something captivating about the way someone’s eyes light up when they recognize you, but I also admit that I seem to remain as tongue-tied today as I was the first time that someone recognized me for my writings. Of course, I’m not sure why I even remain surprised by this. Over the years, I have made somewhat of a name for myself across the GalNet and beyond, so I suppose I have no one to blame my tongue-tying on other than myself. Still, that doesn’t stop me from being flustered each time it happens anew (though that is not to say you should not say hello!). As I said, fame is weird!

Also, seriously, Chribba is the nicest guy.
A closer view of the holographic Veldnaught.

It’s hard, but certainly not impossible, to be famous in New Eden. It is significantly easier, however, to be famous in New Eden for being a jerk than it is for being famous for not being one. Such individuals are rare across the cluster indeed, but if anyone has that reputation, it is certainly Chribba. I’ve written about Chribba before, of course, in the context of his still-trusty Veldnaught that can still be seen plying the asteroid belts in Amarr to this day. And it’s more than just a reputation! I’ve had the honor of meeting Chribba a few times over the years, as we’ve run into each other at a few capsuleer gatherings, and I can say with full honesty that he is genuinely a nice person. His reputation is well-earned.

In a cluster known for its backstabbing and devious ways, it’s genuinely refreshing to see someone getting honored for the good they have done across New Eden. Indeed, HZO Refinery and Upwell seem to be looking for some good-guy coat tails in having a statue erected in Chribba’s honor in his home system of Amarr. Here’s what they’ve written up with respect to the Renowned Good Guy:

Golden asteroids, lol

Some know him as a GalNet tools developer, others as broker of high-value transactions, others still as a passionate Veldspare enthusiast. Most know him simply as the most trusted capsuleer in New Eden. [links added by the author]

Quite possibly the most famous capsuleer alive, Chribba has been a pillar of the community for many years. He can often be found in the vicinity of Amarr flying one of his non-traditional mining ships.

Still love the rivets on these things lol

This statue was constructed in YC123 as a joint project between the HZO Refinery corporation and the Upwell Consortium in honor of his many contributions to the capsuleer community and the economy of New Eden.

Among a crowd of immortal warlords, Chribba stands out for building his legacy through trust and peaceful industry. His success stands as a testament that there are many paths to greatness in New Eden and Capsuleers should be bold in charting their own course.

Never let anyone else dictate your goals”. – Chribba

Chribba gazes at the Veldnaught.

Matching the golden nebula that surrounds the Amarr system quite well, the Chribba monument stands several kilometers tall near Amarr VIII, about 180,000 kilometers from the main trading hub in the system. The statuesque pose has Chribba with one arm on his hip, and the other reaching out in a friendly way, seemingly ready to welcome anyone who comes near like an old friend. In front of him floats a holographic Veldnaught, probably the object he is most infamously associated with, that orbits a small cluster of asteroids, mining beams active. Appropriately, Chribba’s head is turned to look directly at the holographic Veldnaught, and you can almost feel the true affection he has for his ship, which goes to show the attention given to detail in the monument’s construction.

A golden sky.

I’m truly pleased to see Chribba given recognition for his work. This isn’t the first time this has happened over the years, and I suspect it will not be the last either. And yet, despite all of his well-earned acclaim, he always seems determined not to let it go to his head. It’s a simple, unassuming but well-earned monument for a capsuleer who does so much for the community. And while fame may indeed be weird, it is good to see that not all capsuleers get caught up in it as the end-all be-all, and instead seem content to simply sit back and enjoy the ride that it brings.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Chribba Monument
  • System: Amarr
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

Mekhios Graveyard

Editor’s note: This is an entry for the revised version of the Mekhios Graveyard, which was released in March of YC 123 (2021). If you are looking for the original (very brief) entry, please see here.

I have all sorts of things to write about now!
An overview of the graveyard above Sarum Prime III

After weeks of escalating tensions, including a showdown in Yulai, things had finally come to a head in the cluster. The Elder Fleet, a Minmatar armada built over decades in secret in the far reaches of the cluster, had just taken down CONCORD’s central command facility in a mere 15 minutes, paralyzing the agency’s threat response capabilities. It remains one of the most galling acts of defiance against CONCORD’s authority since the agency established credibility ending the first Gallente/Caldari war. With CONCORD out of the picture, a plan decades in the making came to fruition as the Elder Fleet swept through Amarr space, not only freeing Amarrian slaves of their chemical dependency and, thus, from their enslavement, but also heralding the return of the estranged Nefantar tribe to the Minmatar flock. Long thought to be traitors to the rest of the Minmatar nation by collaborating with the slavemasters, over the weeks and months that followed the Elder invasion, it became clear that the Nefantar alliance with the Amarr had at least some measure of support from the Minmatar Elders all the way from the start as a way to gain intelligence on the Amarr as well as to shelter certain problematic tribes from the Amarr.

Though this begs the question: why did I choose the one that needed so many cross-references right off the bat.
A closer view of the statue of Jamyl I and the holographic fleet

The Amarr, caught off guard, struggled mightily to respond to the sudden invasion. Led by the, shall we say, less than competent Dochuta Karsoth during an unfortunately lengthy interregnum, it seemed that nothing could stop the Minmatar fleets as they drew ever closer to the Throneworld. The Imperial Navy haplessly tried to respond further out, but the admirals decided to launch one last stand in Sarum Prime. Just one jump from Amarr herself, this would be the last opportunity for the Amarr to put any kind of stop to the rampaging Minmatar fleet. Still, morale was low given the utter inability for the Amarr to stop the Minmatar up until that point, and there was little hope that even the gathered fleets in Sarum Prime would be able to do much more than delay the inevitable.

Also lol I cannot tell you the last time I had such a sizeable backlog for this blog
A closer view of the Ragnarok-class titan wreck, as well as a Naglfar-class dreadnought.

But then, reports started trickling in that Jamyl Sarum had arrived in Sarum Prime leading a new fleet of fresh ships. To those not paying attention, that may have been an unremarkable event except for the fact that Jamyl was supposed to be, well, dead. And not in the capsuleer kind of way. As the Sarum Heir, Jamyl was forbidden by the Doctrine of Sacred Flesh from using cloning technology to resurrect herself after death. So you could probably imagine everyone’s surprise when Jamyl showed up in Sarum Prime during the middle of a Minmatar invasion nearly 5 years after losing to Doriam Kor-Azor in the YC 105 succession trials and being forced to commit ritualistic suicide. And not only had she arrived on the scene, but she arrived on the scene with gusto.

But hey, I'm back! And more things are coming!
A Tempest-class battleship wreck.

Shortly after Jamyl’s arrival, a massive explosion occurred over Sarum Prime. In a single blast, Jamyl drew the Elder Invasion to a close. The Elder Fleet over Sarum Prime was destroyed in a single hit, and that victory was enough to rout the other Minmatar fleets out of Amarr space and send them running back home. The Amarr (or, more specifically, Jamyl) had won.

But even after the Minmatar were routed from Amarr space, the method of Jamyl’s victory remains a mystery to this day. Rumors abound, of course, ranging from divine intervention of the sort that routinely happens in scripture to some kind of ancient superweapon. No particular explanation was ever provided, and it’s likely that Jamyl took the secret to her grave (well, her second grave, I suppose).

I'm hoping to be sending out blogs maybe once every 1-2 weeks?
Death of an Avatar.

Although CONCORD quickly marked the site of the infamous battle, the site was otherwise left to languish for the next decade. A number of wrecks, both Amarrian and Matari, littered the site, but with little in the way of historical preservation being carried out at the site, the wrecks soon collapsed in on themselves, turning into indistinguishable lumps of metal slowly spinning in the shadow of Sarum Prime. I would check in on the site every now and then (it was only a jump away from Amarr Prime, after all), and noted that as the years went on the battlefield seemed to grow ever more dilapidated. So it was with great interest that I heard that the Amarr had finally gotten around to carrying out some historical preservation at the site, restoring a number of the old wrecks to something more cognizable.

Needless to say, I quickly made my way over.

When I arrived, the first thing I did was query the central monument to see just what propaganda information the Amarr were giving on the subject:

Because RL is terribleeeeeeee

In the moment of our greatest need, with savage enemies at the gates, Jamyl Sarum returned from the embrace of God to rescue her people from destruction in YC110.

Though Royal Heir Jamyl Sarum had undertaken the Rite of Shathol’Syn following the victory of Doriam Kor-Azor’s champions in the Amarr Championships of YC105, the Elder Fleet invasion of YC110 so threatened Holy Amarr that divine intervention restore her to the temporal world. Jamyl Sarum’s Holy Flotilla was able to destroy the Elder Fleet with a weapon of divine power and liberate Amarr from a terrible doom.

Acclaimed a divine savior by the Empire, Jamyl I was crowned Empress of Holy Amarr following the repulsion of the Minmatar Elder Fleet from the territories of the Amarr Empire. Since her untimely death and return to the embrace of God, Empress Jamyl I has also been known as “St. Jamyl the Liberator”.

This monument has been erected within the graveyard of broken warships above Mekhios in memory of our great liberator Empress Jamyl I, that her heroic deeds never be forgotten or allowed to diminish in the passing of the ages.

“I am the Harbinger of Hope! I am the Sword of the Righteous! Unto all who hear my voice I say this: what you give to this Empire, I shall give back unto you!” – Empress Jamyl I, Coronation Speech, YC110.

I wonder how many times I've had to describe Jamyl's background for one reason or another. No, the answer would probably depress me.
Another view of the Matari wrecks. Note the white energy coursing around the wrecks.

Say whatever you will about the Empire’s propaganda machine, they know how to restore a site well. The first thing your eye is drawn to is the giant, stereotypically golden statue commemorating Jamyl herself. She stands fully upright, facing down the tightest mass of Matari wrecks at the site. Her arms, outstretched, seem to be guarding the holographic Amarr relief fleet that she used to rescue the Imperial forces from their rout. Most of the ships in the holographic fleet are small and indistinguishable, but the central Abaddon-class battleship, ostensibly the one that fired the still-mysterious superweapon. At the bow of the Abaddon, a glowing white ball represents the weapon that brought the invasion to such a screeching halt. It’s a moment frozen in time, ready to fire.

More like WRECKvalation amirite
A Revelation-class wreck spills debris from a hull breach.

After focusing in on that moment frozen in time, the rest of the battlefield slowly come into view, showing the immediate aftermath of that moment. Unsurprisingly, directly in front of Jamyl sits the wreck of a Matari Ragnarok-class titan. Nearby sit the remains of other Matari capital ships. The vertical Naglfar-class dreadnoughts stand out the most, but other ships like Nidhoggur-class carriers can also be seen. Somewhat surprisingly, surges of energy can still be seen flowing among these wrecks. The white arcs of energy appear to be relics of the superweapon, still actively cascading energy even nearly 13 years later. Despite approaching them, the arcs didn’t cause any apparent damage.

I will be completely honest. I have NO idea what ship this is.
Another wreck.

But the Matari were not the only ones who took losses over Sarum Prime. The sprawling battlefield site, spanning hundreds of kilometers from one end to the other, include quite a few Imperial wrecks as well. Indeed, I was initially started when an Avatar-class titan seemed to loom over me from a distance, apparently sparking with energy and prepared to fire. After a few moments of travel, it was clear that the dusty site had obscured that the Avatar, like the Matari ships, was simply a wreck. I had been scared by only a ghost, though admittedly one that was at least still sparking with energy. The wrecks of other Imperial capital ships can be found nearby, though none were quite as imposing.

Avatar booty.
A rear view of the Avatar wreck. Note the dust obscuring the more distant objects.

On a whim, after leaving the battlefield, I decided to look up my initial writings on the Mekhios Graveyard. It’s only the fourth site I ever wrote about, dating back to a time when I was still trying to find my own voice and style. I hadn’t even bought the first Professor Science yet! The writing is, to put it kindly, concise, though lacking in any kind of context or description, if I had to be honest. It amazes me to see how far my writing has come since those few scant paragraphs (though perhaps the readers who have made it this far may beg differ). In any case, I’ve long struggled with how to best handle these kinds of areas that the Powers That Be have revamped over the years. The Mekhios Graveyard was not the first, nor will it be the last if current information is any indication. Like the Amarr, however, I’ve ultimately decided that maintaining the old information is important, so long as the information also indicates that it’s out of date and where to find more current information. After all, historical preservation is important for the written word as much as the battlefields of New Eden, as I’m sure the Amarr could attest.

Though maybe I could stand to learn once again that there is something to be said for being a bit more concise.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Mekhios Graveyard
  • System: Sarum Prime
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

Titan Honor Guard

[Editor’s note: Just a very quick entry as I don’t expect this to last past the Succession Trials next week. If you want to see these, get to Amarr ASAP!]

[Additional edit: As of 5/3, only 4 titans, the titans of the winning ‘retainers’ of the Trials, remain in Amarr. Not sure how long they will last!]


Night gathers, and now their watch begins.


Just as the Empire races headfirst towards the Succession Trials to choose its next ruler, so too did I race headfirst towards the Empire’s homeworlds. With the end of the Trials close at hand, an honor guard has formed, the likes of which many space denizens have never seen before. The various champions of the two remaining Heirs in the Trials, Lord Aritcio Kor-Azor and Lady Catiz Tash-Murkon, have began holding vigil in spectacular fashion outside the Emperor’s Family Station in Amarr Prime, forming a fleet of Titans that haven’t been seen publicly in high security space since I’ve been a capsuleer. Next week, these titans will escort Lord Kelon Darklight and Lord Lysus, the two remaining champions, to the conclusion of the Trials.

See them while you can!

Hulls gleam in the sunlight.

Few denizens of high security space have seen a titan, much less a fleet of them. While I have before experienced the truly humbling experience of seeing such a, dare I say, titanic piece of engineering next to even my more sizeable vessels, seeing a fleet of them in formation is enough to once again remind me how small we truly are in the grand scheme of things. That being said, seeing these ships up close also helps to remind us the things that we can attain when we work together, and I have little doubt that the Empire hoped to instill that sense of unity when planning this display. Although I have little direct interest in the outcome of the Trials, I wish both sides the best of luck.

And if you have ever wanted to see eight titans in-person, now is your chance.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Honor Guard
  • System: Amarr Prime
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional notes: No beacons are present; you can easily see the formation off of the undock point outside of the Emperor Family Academy station. These are not expected to last past next week.

Wreck of the EF Seraph

Seraph 1

Approaching the wreck.

As a travel writer, I tend to see my job as almost quasi-journalist, but with a twist. Rather than merely reporting the events of the day using words, I try to capture both the spirit and the beauty of the areas that can be found throughout New Eden. For many sites of natural beauty or gorgeous manmade structures, I have no qualms, moral or otherwise, in my attempts to capture the essence of a site. Sometimes, however, I have to admit that a site, while gorgeous and important, was formed in the midst of much death and destruction. In those cases in particular, I try to not just become another heartless paparazzi photographer, going for the ultimate scoop no matter the moral cost, but I try to capture the event’s dark splendor, showing both its beauty and the cost in human lives. I will not claim to always be successful in such endeavors, but I can at least claim to have tried to show the darker sides of space.

Seraph 2

The ship was destroyed mere kilometers from the station.

I find myself feeling much more uncomfortable with today’s entry, though I suspect my discomfort stems primarily from just how recently the events in question have occurred. This weekend was supposed to be Empress Jamyl’s victory lap. After an extended absence from the public eye, the Empress had returned with a vengeance (though perhaps less vengeance than she had when she first arrived at Sarum Prime those many years ago). In numerous public appearances, Jamyl had taken to not only making token public appearances, but showering praise on supporters of the Empire, and even opening herself up to questions from the local press (myself included). Her ostensible reason for returning to the public eye was to champion the construction of the new Amarr flagship, the Imperial Issue Abaddon-class battleship Auctoritas, which was to set a new technological standard for ships of the Golden Fleet. After weeks of work and testing, the Auctoritas was due to be commissioned this past Friday. The Empress herself showed up for this commission, piloting the Avatar-class titan EF Seraph, in which she had made all of her recent public appearances.

Seraph 3

The titan wreck dwarfs even battleships.

Although the commissioning started well, it ended in tragedy. Within minutes of the start of the ceremony, the Empress was interrupted mid-sentence with the arrival of a fleet of over 150 Drifter battleships. Without warning or ultimatum, they opened fire on the Seraph with their destructive doomsday-type weapon. Before anyone could react, both the Seraph and, in quick succession, Jamyl’s pod were destroyed. Without a word, the Drifter fleet then warped off again, leaving a stunned audience. One of the strongest ships in the known universe brought down in a single volley, followed by the quick assassination of the leader of the largest empire in New Eden. Although chaos initially reigned at the proceedings, within hours the Court Chamberlain announced the initiation of new Succession Trials as powers from across the cluster reacted to the news. It is worth noting that the Jamyl’s body was not found in the wreckage, and that some parties (myself included) are very interested in seeing examining the body before allowing it to be laid to rest.

Seraph 4

I pay my respects.

I had been unable to attend the ceremonies because of business planetside, but I had been eager to see exactly what technological advances the Auctoritas was to herald. Instead, I found myself watching my newsfeeds in horror as the situation unfolded. And it was with some trepidation that I found myself heading to Safizon only a few hours after her death, somewhat unsure of what I would find but trusting the instincts I have honed over the years. I had no desire to make a spectacle of the area or of Jamyl’s death, but I felt a need to see it with my own eyes. The wreck of the Seraph sits where it fell, only a few kilometers off the Amarr Navy Assembly Plant, the tomb of countless thousands beyond the Empress. Given the site’s importance, I suspect the ruins will remain well-tended for the foreseeable future.

Seraph 5

The midsection of the hull was the most badly damaged section.

Although the ship itself cracked in two, the hull is still very recognizable even after being hit by so many simultaneous weapons blasts. Unsurprisingly, energy still crackles through the superstructure as emergency backup generators struggled to kick in and restore power. Lights still flickered, as if someone were just fiddling with a light switch across most of the ship. A lie I was almost able to believe, if only I could ignore the massive hull breaches and floating debris surrounding the area. I was once again struck by the, if you’ll excuse the choice of adjectives here, titanic nature of the ship’s proportions. As a pilot who primarily focuses on frigates and cruisers, I was once again reminded that my ships are often nothing next to the gargantuan vessels that other pilots fly.

Seraph 6

The Empress falls.

I was by no means the only one to visit the area. Some visitors seemed to be pilots with similar intentions as myself: there to see the fall of an Empress and pay their respects. Others, the more faithful among us, held vigil, just a few of the countless memorial services to be held in the coming weeks as a nation mourned not only their leader, but also their voice of God. Others seemed to be on guard, either from fear of looters or another Drifter attack. I can’t blame those who are worried of another attack: the Drifters have shown substantial interest in the Empire, moreso than the other three nations of New Eden. But the Drifter attack also shows that no one is safe when the Drifters decide to take out a target. Let’s just hope that, come what may, we learn to stand together against whatever it is the Drifters may have in store for us. That may be our only hope in withstanding the coming months.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Wreck of the EF Seraph
  • System: Safizon
  • Security Rating: 0.8
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -3 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional notes: The wreck (as of time of publishing) does not have a beacon associated with it. Instead, it can be found just a few kilometers off the station at the only station in-system at Saifzon 2-1.

Amarr Mining Station

Ardishapur Prime1

A rock within a station.

I’ve often complimented the Amarr for their graceful structures and gleaming golden hulls. But sometimes, sometimes I didn’t even know what they were thinking. I was docking up after being waylaid in Ardishapur Prime when I noticed this monstrosity of a station. It was so incredibly un-Amarr, so incredibly… utilitarian, that I had to doublecheck that I was still deep in Empire space.

Ardishapur Prime2

Ardishapur prime backlights the utilitarian looking station.

The station itself is essentially three asteroids towed into orbit around Ardishapur Prime II. Girdling the massive rocks were three equatorial (or at least as equatorial as you can get with the uneven and ovoid asteroids) rings, one around each. On top of one of the asteroids, a massive plasma vent could be seen belching waste out into space. Attached to one side is a rather bulbous monstrosity, but near the “top” of the structure, a lighthouse-like light continually spun, lighting up the nearby space for weary travelers. Smaller buildings could be seen poking out of various parts of the asteroids.

Ardishapur Prime3

The underside of the mining facility.

Evidently the asteroids had long been hollowed up. I quickly docked up Legacy, my Drake-class ship, and found the inside to be just as pretentious and shiny as any other Amarr facility. I quickly undocked, if only to turn off the mandated Amarrian chanting that was softly broadcast from all loudspeakers and comm channels. I took one last look at the mining facility, with it’s strangely un-Amarrian exterior, before warping out and on to my next destination.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Amarr Mining Station
  • System: Ardishapur Prime II, Further Foodstuffs Plantation
  • Security Rating: 0.7
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -3.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: This is a rare, but by no means unique, Amarr Station. Another example of the station for the null sec folk can be found in 37S-KO.

Choonka’s Ship-Wash

Pursuant to the CONCORD Spam Prevention Act, this advertisement is sponsored by Choonka’s Ship-Wash. If you wish to exit this advertisement, please click here.


Choonka's Friendly Ship-Wash: For all your ship cleaning needs

It’s easy to get your ships dirty out in the Cluster. Whether it’s  that darn Sansha laser residue that you just can’t wipe off, or that nebula you had to fly through last week, or even just letting your ship’s spin in the station for a while, it seems that everywhere you go and everything you do, your ship collects dust. And it’s a shame! No longer are those golden Amarr hulls shining in the sun. Heck, I’ve seen some Apocalypses that would barely pass for copper, given their coating of grime. And my poor Tengu has certainly seen better days! I know Caldari ships are supposed to look dark and gloomy, but this was just starting to get ridiculous! But what’s a busy capsuleer like myself to do? I don’t have the time to clean my ships, not when there are empires to build!


Choonka himself keeps an eye on the operations to ensure you receive only the highest quality of service.

Thankfully, my answer came to me as I was listening to the local GalNet chatter. An advertisement came on for Choonka’s Ship-Wash. With their advertised low prices and quality service, I decided to give them a shot. And being conveniently located in central Domain, just one jump out from Amarr, it was incredibly convenient and easy to find. Within minutes, I found myself in system and warping to their facilities at Ashab II, Moon 1. I just knew that soon my Tengu would be as clean as the day I bought her!


A nearby diner lets you relax and eat great food while watching the crews clean your ship.

I came out of warp, and was shocked to be greeted by none other than Choonka himself! I saw his ship,  a Crusader, sitting in the middle of the complex, making sure that each washed ship met his exact specifications and levels of quality. Between the vats of cleaning supplies and the drydock where your ship is cleaned, a small diner sits. Now I could watch my ship get cleaned in style while relaxing with some incredible food! The restaurant had a friendly atmosphere and great staff, and the views were gorgeous. Ashab II hung in the distance, and the nearby moon created a great backdrop as well.


A ship lines up for it's turn to get cleaned

To ensure that the premises stayed safe and friendly, a few friendly mercs were stationed nearby. Even though we were deep into high security space, Choonka didn’t want to put his customer’s ships at risk! I was impressed by the level of courtesy and professionalism shown by not just the mercs, but the entire staff. They certainly knew how to make a capsuleer feel at home and comfortable! And I knew with the mercs’ watchful eyes on the scene, my ship would be perfectly safe as the cleaning crews got to work.


I couldn't believe how quickly and thoroughly the crews worked!

And the wash itself was so fast! I was surprised that my cruiser-class vessel could be cleaned so quickly! Not only were they fast, though, but they were thorough as well. Bits and parts of the hull that haven’t been cleaned since the ship was built were left gleaming! And for only a few extra isk, they offered to vacuum out my crew decks as well. I couldn’t pass by a deal like that! As usual, they were quick but thorough, and my crew couldn’t thank me enough for cleaning the decks out for them.


Another satisfied customer.

All in all, I couldn’t have been happier with my experience. Choonka’s trained and professional staff did wonders with a ship that I thought would never shine again. It looked like it just undocked from the the construction yards! And the price was incredibly reasonable. As soon as I warped out, I began telling all of my friends how great the service was. Next time a ship of mine needed cleaning, I know exactly where to go!

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Choonka’s Ship-Wash
  • System: Ashab II, Moon 1
  • Security Rating: 0.9
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: Obviously, while the site exists, you can’t actually get your ship cleaned there. Furthermore, this is a COSMOS mission site.

Abandoned Battlefield


Pelkia shines behind the remains of an abandoned station

Within the past few months, CONCORD and its affiliated research arm had begun an extensive re-cataloging of notable sites in the Cluster. Hundreds of sites were discovered, or re-discovered, relics of times long gone. Many of the sites discovered were former stations abandoned by the Empires. Of course, as an explorer, I was thrilled with this project and kept a close track of it. Finally, last month the new site locations were formally promulgated to capsuleers. Eagerly, I quickly went out to see what was Out There.


Two abandoned stations sit amongst fields of debris

Surprisingly, as I undocked from my home base in Pelkia, I immediately noticed a new item on my overview. Intrigued, I quickly warped over. Aura accessed the CONCORD database accompanying the updates for me, revealing the following information:

Pelkia3After thousands of years among the stars, the space lanes of New Eden have become littered with the presence of countless battlefields. The twisted and gnarled hulls of defeated vessels float in silent memory of humanity’s endless capacity for violence.


A piece of debris tumbles listlessly through space

I quickly looked around. Two stations of unknown, though vaguely Minmatar design stood close to each other. The stations were beyond decrepit, little more than piles of rust held together only by the lack of any transfers of momentum, it seemed.  Surrounding the stations were various pieces of debris, as well as one relatively-intact shipwreck. The pieces drifted aimlessly through space near the stations, almost in a kind of halo.


Professor Science banks as it approaches the rust heaps formerly known as stations

Due to the recent nature of the discovery, other details were, shall we say, wanting. Who was fighting? What were they fighting over? Why were the stations so close to each other? Were they the enemies, or was this a siege situation? I certainly didn’t know the answers, and staring in vain at the Professor’s sensor returns weren’t going to reveal any new information either. However, I scanned what data I could, figuring that some contacts I still had from the Center for Advanced Studies might be interested. After finishing my scans and taking one last look around, I set course for nearby systems, intent on seeing what other new discoveries there were out there.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Abandoned Battlefield
  • System: Pelkia
  • Security Rating: 0.5
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen. Additionally, some rats can be found inhabiting the site these days.



The Professor approaches the massive, Revelation-class vessel Veldnaught

We all strive to have our 15 minutes of fame. I myself have not been above promoting myself to try to boost my public visibility. There was simply something about fame… it’s intoxicating to whoever has it. The fact that you’re somebody out there among the vast trillions of people in our universe, the fact that someone beyond your friends and relatives cares what happens to you. Of course, for most people, the adage “fame is fleeting” is all too true. Most people gain fame (or its twin, notoriety) only to soak it up for a few moments and have it move on before you even know what happened.


The stately Revelation-class ship moves away from its home berth in Amarr

Of course, someone forgot to tell this to Chribba, perhaps the best known capsuleer in New Eden. Beyond running a popular site on GalNet, for my purposes Chribba was most notable for having one of very few capital ships within high security space. He’s well known among the capsuleer community, and more importantly, well respected. Among an entire cluster of unsavory characters, he’s one of the few people who’s been able to gain the trust of a wide variety of capsuleers by leveraging his celebrity.


The Veldnaught manuevers among ships during a busy day in the Amarrian home system

The moment I heard of the Veldnaught, and what it was, I knew I simply had to see it. It’s rare enough to see a dreadnaught of any kind in high security space, but practically unheard of to see a capital ship dedicated not to combat, but to mining. The Veldnaught is designed to destroy not other ships, but asteroids, as it sucks the veldspar out of them for sale on the market. Without a single offensive weapon, the Veldnaught is quite possibly the largest completely neutral ship that I know of. Of course, rumor has it that even larger vessels of this kind exist, but I’m hesitant to give the rumor credit until I see it with Professor Science’s sensors. Regardless, I knew the Veldnaught existed, and I was determined to see it.


The Professor orbits a few hundred meters off of the mighty Veldnaught

As I started my journey to see the ship, I looked up on GalNet any information I could find on it. At the foremost of my mind: how did it get there in the first place? All capsuleers know that cynosural fields can’t form in high security space: empires have spent countless isk to make sure that each high security system is cyno-jammed to ensure that neither capsuleer nor enemy-aligned capital ships can enter their core systems. Furthermore, the sheer size of a dreadnaught (or any capital class vessel, for that matter), meant that they couldn’t use the jumpgate network. The wormholes formed by the jumpgates simply can’t support a vessel of a dreadnaught’s size or mass. After a few minutes of digging, though, I had my answer. Apparently the high sec cyno-jammers were installed only a few years ago (though still quite a while before I graduated from the Center for Advanced Study). Back then, you could construct capital ships within empire space, and apparently even cyno in and out. When the Empires started up the cyno-jammers, most capital ships jumped out while they could. Chribba, obviously, did not. But that means that the Veldnaught is forever trapped in Amarr: it can’t jump to any other high sec space, and should it somehow lock onto a cyno beacon in low security space, it’d be forced to leave Amarr forever. And so the Veldnaught sits, trapped forever in the Amarrian home system. Of course, no more capital ships can be built in high security space either.


A closeup of the bow of the Veldnaught

As I finished my research, I entered the bustling hub system of Amarr. I warped to the main Amarr market hub, intent first on picking up a few things from my hanger there. As I came out of warp, however, all ideas of immediately docking flew out the window, as the graceful Revelation-class dreadnaught flew into view. Chribba seemed intent on parading the Veldnaught today, as if it were on display somewhere. It slowly made its way back and forth among the ships swarming near the Emperor Family Academy. This gave me the perfect chance to see the ship for myself. While I had at least some experience with Amarrian capital ships, the Revelation was entirely new to me. As with most things Amarr, it was a very graceful vessel, and it’s gold-hued hull gleamed in the sunlight. Massive turrets, themselves larger than the Professor, guarded each side of the ship. Of course, these turrets were outfitted with mining lasers instead of guns, but the ship was imposing nonetheless. I fought the instinctive urge to get my diminutive vessel as far away from the massive ship as possible, intent on seeing anything I could on the ship.


The Veldnaught from a side view.

Chribba himself could be seen in the local comm channels, chatting it up with traders, miners, and other less-seemly sorts. Many seemed as thrilled to see the Veldnaught as I was. I contented myself by staying quiet and  observing the action around me. Watching a hub as busy as Amarr was almost soothing, as I watched ships come and go under the watchful eye of both CONCORD and the Veldnaught. After more than a few minutes, I shook myself out of my observations. There was work to do instead of just sitting here. It was with a heavy heart that I quickly docked the Professor, gathered my items, and was on my way.

As I left Amarr, I couldn’t help but contemplate fame. Everyone wanted to be famous outside of their own niche. To be recognized by complete strangers for some feat or action. It’s inherently (and inherently egotistically) human to want others to know who you are. To be Someone. Some wanted it for the money. Others want it to further their services and recognition. I suspect many, like myself, want it to feel special, to feel in some way distinct from the vast and nameless masses. Chribba has managed to do that, and he has built thriving businesses because of his fame, and his built his fame because of his businesses. I couldn’t quite say how he had managed to do this, but I had to admit, a part of me certainly envied him.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: The Veldnaught
  • System: Amarr
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: The Veldnaught can often be seen either mining in the asteroid belts or plying the spaceways, but even capsuleers have to sleep. So it may not always be out. However, Chribba has proven himself gracious and more than willing to show off the ship if he is asked.


The life of an explorer has to be supported somehow.  I preferred exploration sites, personally.  There was something thrilling about seeing what’s out there in a system.  What new pirate base needs to be flushed out?  More importantly, what can I dig out of said bases to keep the isk flowing?  But I digress…


A monument to Amarrian "greatness"

Still in Amarrian space for the time being, Amarr herself was the logical place to hawk my wares.  I was always slightly amused by the fact that the main trading hub of the Amarr Empire was Amarr herself.  I seem to recall something about moneychangers in the temple, if I recall my Scriptures correctly, but then again, when had pod pilots ever considered themselves below such a thing as “religion”.

I made my way over to the main station.  As I made my way into the docking queue, I noticed the monument that one of the Emperors (or Empresses, I suppose) had constructed nearby.  Invoking planetside temples in its elegance, the main feature was the statue of an Amarrian reaching out to the heavens, seemingly beckoning everyone, and proclaiming God’s glory.

I snorted to myself at the thought as I was finally cleared for docking.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Amarrian monument
  • System: Amarr, Amarr VII (Oris), Emperor Family Academy
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.

Mekhios Graveyard

Legacy moving in for a look

Legacy going in for a look

Editor’s note: This site was updated in March of YC123 (2021). The newer site can be found here.

As the system of Sarum Prime resolved around me, I was once again surprised by exactly how far the Elders had made it into Amarr space before finally being stopped.  Sure, I had read the reports (as everyone in New Eden has), but it was another thing entirely to see the Amarr gate just a few AU away.  Practically the blink of an eye, from an interstellar point of view.  As I aligned for the Mekhios Graveyard proper, Aura flashed me the following information:

CarnageThis ship graveyard marks where the Imperial Navy made their stand against the Minmatar Elder invasion; a battle of epic proportions took place as both empires unleashed their ancient hatred of one another. And yet legend has it that untold numbers of Minmatar patriots lost their lives in an instant when Jamyl Sarum herself appeared on the battlefield. The question of how she could singlehandedly repel such a vast armada remains a mystery. Rumors of a secret superweapon abound; others swear that it was divine intervention which turned the Minmatar invaders into dust. If only the dead told tales, for a sea of Minmatar corpses—and the tombs from which they witnessed her wrath in the final minutes of their lives—orbits the homeworld of the Amarrian Empress to this day.

Amarrian ruin

Amarrian ruin

The battlesite itself seemed pretty straightforward.  On one side, you can see where the Amarr were putting up their last, best chance of saving Amarr herself.  On the other end stood the remains of the Elder Fleet.  I still am not entirely sure how they managed to have that amount of tonnage not be on ANYONE’S radar, but it was probably just as well that the Empress showed up when she did.  I had no particular love for the Amarrians as a society, devout religion and slavery never sat particularly well with me, but that didn’t mean I want to see them slaughtered.

Sunlight peeking through Minmatar wreckage

Sunlight peeking through Minmatar wreckage

I spent a good 30 minutes moving in and out amongst the wreckage, reflecting on the people who laid down their lives here, and the almost grotesque beauty that seems to befall any area where empires clash.  Eventually, I figured I had made my peace with the area, and set Legacy for my next stop.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Mekhios Graveyard
  • System: Sarum Prime
  • Security Rating: 1.0
  • Region: Domain
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -2 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.