Sightseeing in the Cluster

NOH Recruitment Center


Ishisomo IV floats behind the NOH recruitment site.

Caldari society has always seemed a little baffling to me. I honestly have issues comprehending just how integral one’s megacorporation is to one’s life from cradle to grave. Of course, I’m used to corporations wriggling themselves into my daily life, at times even when I’m unaware of it. I’m Gallente after all, and heavens know Gallente society (and government) isn’t exactly free from corporate influence. But to have one megacorporation control almost all aspects of a person’s life, from the education he or she receives to the job he or she spends for the rest of their life, to the kind of money they can get and food they can buy, is just completely outside of my realm of experience. Then again, I’m sure someone growing up on New Caldari would say the same of our relatively laissez-faire attitudes towards capitalism and business in general. So to each his own, I suppose.


Ishisomo peeks out behind the massive storage silo.

One thing that has always puzzled me somewhat, however, was how to switch corporations, or if you could at all. I would imagine switching between corporations within a megacorp would be a fairly easy affair, but is it possible to switch megacorporations? Could you move from practical-bloc Sukuuvestaa to a more liberal Ishukone? How would benefits transfer when even the underlying currencies of the two are separate? The fact that a corporate citizen might bring with it some dark corporate secrets would lead me to believe that a person would normally not be allowed to switch megacorporations, but sometimes I’m forced to wonder. For example, this week’s site is a Nugoeihuvi (often shortened to NOH) recruitment center. This far into Caldari territory, you’d imagine that if Caldari citizens couldn’t switch megacorporations, this kind of site would be useless, yet here it was. Although it seemed primarily aimed towards pilots, the fact that they only had docking facilities for non-capsuleers suggested outreach to non-pilots as well. But as Aura explains:

NOH 3The Nugoeihuvi mega-corporation, better known simply as NOH, is actively seeking pilots to participate in the planed settlement of the Okkelen constellation. It’s using this old storage silo as a center for its recruitment efforts. Representatives of NOH are waiting here to entice pilots into lending a helping hand in this ongoing struggle against evil-doers and the elements alike.


Another picture of the small fleet gathered near the silo.

For their site, NOH chose a particularly dusty area sitting near Ishisomo IV. A particularly pleasant looking temperate world, the planet sat unfortunately obscured by the thick, gray dust permeating the area. The bleak and gray dust, found everywhere and coating everything nearby, is just begging for a Caldari joke, but I’ll hold myself to the better part of valor and keep it to myself. The source of the dust seems to be a few large asteroids that can be found in the area. Apparently, NOH chose the site to add a little scenery. Other than that, the thing that really dominates the area is a large storage silo. I forget how massive those things can be; they would dwarf even my Drake, and I feel positively tiny next to it in my Buzzard. Still, the large asteroid nearby puts even the silo to shame.


Another view of the site.

Beyond the silo, the only real thing of note is the small fleet that has set up shop nearby. A Harpy, a Moa, and even a Badger can all be seen floating near the silo, ready to offer missions to any capsuleer willing to fight for NOH. Like the other megacorps, as well as a number of pirate factions, NOH is hoping to turn Okkelen into their own constellation. Whilst the battle amongst the various factions carries on, work for the enterprising pilot is in no way in short supply. I stayed away, however. Being a recruitment site, I wasn’t entirely unconvinced that me signing up to help NOH in some way made me enslaved by beholden to NOH, and I felt it best for me to just continue on my way. As I warped off, I wondered if Okkelen would ever be settled. But as is natural for me, from there I tried to look on the bright side: at least there wasn’t an asteroid colony to look at this time.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: NOH Recruitment Center
  • System: Ishisomo
  • Security Rating: 0.7
  • Region: The Forge
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -3.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Caldari, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: This also serves as a Caldari COSMOS site.

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