Sightseeing in the Cluster

Sentinel Rise

Sentinel Rise 1

Sentinel Rise sensor platforms

I’ll be the first to admit that I am a ‘carebear’. I try to avoid combat whenever possible, fitting my ships to ensure escape rather than obtaining combat advantage. I mainly stay in systems under CONCORD jurisdiction, only venturing beyond that when necessary. I mainly earn my income through solo activities, shying away from more social activities. In the ever more connected world of New Eden, I’m somewhat of a self-imposed outcast, but I find myself quite comfortable in that role regardless. That being said, I’m also wary of extending CONCORD jurisdiction beyond its current boundaries. Who really cares what us capsuleers do to each other as long as we aren’t collaterally damaging civilians and those near the core worlds along the way?

Sentinel Rise 2

Some of the living/work areas on the Rise

I only bring this up because while many a high sec capsuleer residents rely on CONCORD’s ensured vengeance, it seems that CONCORD has left other populations nearly unprotected. In its narrow-sighted attempts to curb capsuleer violence, it has lost sight of the bigger picture. Every day, Sansha forces continue to invade ‘high security’ systems, but CONCORD doesn’t raise a finger to stop it. Oh, it’ll pay out money to us capsuleers, but given CONCORD’s proven threat-response systems, it’s always struck me as odd that they refuse to commit any manpower to the fray. And that doesn’t even begin to tackle the other problems within high security space. People are dying Okkelen and throughout the Cluster under CONCORD eyes, but they’re more concerned in making sure two consenting pilots don’t fight if they don’t ‘steal’ a piece of ammo from each other.

But some in Okkelen, at least, realize that CONCORD isn’t going to be around to save them. As such, they’ve started building things like the Sentinel Rise. As Aura explains:

Sentinel Rise 3One minute warning of impending doom is often all it takes to survive out here. And only those paranoid enough survive in a hostile territory like the Friggi system is. With scores of bandits roaming around searching for easy prey it pays to be careful. The good folk of the nearby Lai Dai station had the good sense to install sensor equipment here to warn against any incoming threat.

Sentinel Rise 4

The Rise provides extensive sensor hardware to alert system residents of incoming threats.

A quick glance at my system overview told me that there were actually two Lai Dai stations here in Friggi, so which one the Rise was supposed to be protecting was a mystery to me. The positioning of the sensor platforms also struck me as odd: the sensor farm was almost 3 AU from the closest gate, over 15 AU from the closest low sec gate (presumably where any pirate raiders would base from), and over 22 AU from the rather inappropriately named Bandit Hideout. In short, not exactly the place from which to get the best sensor resolution. Still, maybe the suits over in corporate were just looking for after the fact sensor records or valued remoteness over effectiveness. Who knows.

Sentinel Rise 5

One of the ships stationed near the Rise.

The sensor platform itself was pretty standard fare. As you’ve probably become used to me telling you, dear reader, (and trust me, I’ve gotten used to writing it), the sensor platforms have been built onto a number of smaller asteroids held together by metallic girders. The entire complex is connected to each other by these metal gangways, allowing employees to reach any part of the sensor grid easily. Beyond the central grid, there were only a few ships anchored nearby, offering missions for those who want them. There was also a rather large container nearby as well; it looked like it was used to deposit items of some kind, but for what, I couldn’t tell.

In all, a somewhat hum-ho site. The Caldari’s repeated use of the asteroid bases made economic, if not aesthetic, sense, but I could tell that the similar sites were starting to wear on me. Maybe the next site would have something new and interesting to offer, or at least better CONCORD protection.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Sentinel Rise
  • System: Friggi
  • Security Rating: 0.5
  • Region: The Forge
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Caldari, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: This also serves as a Caldari COSMOS site.

One response

  1. You are right about CONCORD. They seem to think that capsuleers are the most dangerous potential criminals, probably keeping in mind that capsuleers can cheat death, but as it seems, not only immortals can do inhumane things. CONCORD should know that. Keeping in mind that they have access to some valuable information in the cluster, they should keep some pieces of our early history, back in our Earth days. Such info is hard to find these days, but hey, its not that hard as it seems to be. 🙂

    Good read, man, keep it up!

    July 15, 2012 at 8:36 am

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