Sightseeing in the Cluster

Central Administration

Central Admin 1

A distinctly Caldari-designed main administrative complex in the middle of Gallente space.

No one particularly likes red tape. I can safely say that no one I know gets particularly excited over Schedule B of Form 6320-G, Requisition for Replacement Environmental System Components. At least, my systems engineers always gripe at me over that particular form (something about having to figure out how to fit a square peg into a round hole). Despite the fact that no one likes these forms, however, they’re almost inherently necessary for any organizational system larger than 3 guys in a garage. Humans have an innate need to organize and compartmentalize their lives. It just makes our lives easier knowing that somewhere out there is a specific piece of paperwork to get what we need done (even if it doesn’t seem that way when we have to fill out that form in triplicate and get it cross-signed). Remarkable, even, when you think about the sometimes obscure things that need a form yet almost never seem to be needed. Yes, I realize I have a bit of an odd fascination with obscure things.

Central Admin 2

A Gallente merc orbits one of the nearby listening posts, alert to any dangers.

I bring this up because every empire seems to deal with the need for red tape and bureaucracy in their own ways. The Amarr had their glorified governors for paper pushers. The State uses corporate obfuscation to lose anything and everything your heart may desire. The Federation, of course, is no better. They have their own administrative needs, and those needs are only aggravated when dealing with yet another empire. For reasons beyond my understanding, Wiyrkomi was still pushing ahead with its attempt to make a presence in Algintal, despite the state of war between the two nations. I guess not even cold-blooded enemies can stand in the way of profits. Wanting to see just how the melding of the Gallente and Caldari bureaucracies were going, I quickly set course towards the administration complex. En route, I pulled up what information I could find:

Central Admin 3This is the headquarters of the Wiyrkomi Corporation in Algintal. It is here that Veko Tallaja, the operation manager for the Wiyrkomi Project in Sinq Liason, resides. Gallente Temko mercenaries closely guard the perimeter of the complex, authorized to strike at any trespassers. Security here is super tight after a spat of high profile incidents involving violent protesters made headlines in inter-galactic media. Wiyrkomi desperately want to avoid any more bad publicity, as their multi-trillion ISK deal with the Federation hangs on a razor thin edge.

Central Admin 4

A close up of the loading docks. Various pieces of cargo and supplies can be seen.

It always weirded me out to see Caldari and Gallente ships flying near each other and not trying to blow each other up, yet here we are. Granted, I’ve seen that sight more and more in recent days as I continued my tour of Algintal, but it still seemed wrong when, in at least some other systems, they were still at war. Yet that was precisely what we were seeing here. Both Wiyrkomi and Gallente mercenary ships flew near each other, protecting both their own interests and each other from outside threats. Nice to see that we can, in fact, all get along sometimes, even if its just to save the Caldari’s face. But I very much believe that economic interdependence could lead to peace, and to that extent I supported this initiative.

Central Admin 5

Wiyrkomi warships also keep an eye on the situation

Beyond that, the entire complex seemed like a fairly mundane space office complex. A central control tower seemed to hold the vast majority of office workers, with support offices that spidered out in classic Caldari hard-angled fashion. Nearby, cargo platforms sat, laden with supplies coming in and what I’m sure were cargo containers full to the brim of Requisition Order forms and other exciting bureaucratic items. A number of security outposts were also present, and even a bar for the workers on site, called The Pit. All together, it seemed like a pretty self-contained office complex. Although no freighters were present at the time, I had no doubt that this was a fairly bustling center.

Central Admin 6

One of the nearby security posts.

I finished up looking around and figured it was about time to get myself underway. Despite my apparent love of all things bureaucratic, I had just about had my fill of office complexes. Unfortunately, that also meant that it was just about time to move on from Gallente space. It was nice being close enough to home to visit if it ever struck my fancy, but like oh so many ships, I wasn’t born to stay close to home. And so, I set a course out of Gallente space, wondering just what else there was to find.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Central Administration
  • System: Fluekele
  • Security Rating: 0.6
  • Region: Sinq Laison
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4 in security status, or -5 standing with the Gallente, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: This also serves as an Gallente COSMOS site.

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