Sightseeing in the Cluster

Infested Comet Remains (Contested Canyon of Rust)

Infested Comet 1

The comet's nucleus seems to lead the way for the unfinished station

Back in the ancient days, comets were seen as omens or harbingers of change. Stories of comets portending doom date back centuries even on my homeworld of Intaki Prime. Presumably, we know what we do now after the Fall, but given the stories that have appeared throughout history, it seems apparent that we needed to gain that knowledge back through our own hard work and observation. Of course, these days we know that comets are little more than so-called “dirty snowballs”, a collection of mostly water ice and dust from the very early stages of a solar system’s formation. As a historical record of the early days of a solar system, comets should more be seen as a vast repository of what HAS happened, not what is going to happen. Of course, telling that to my ancestors probably wouldn’t work out all that well.

Infested Comet 2

Alsottobier shines behind the half-finished remains of the comet

Beyond being a historical archive the sorts of which astronomers dream, comets are also useful places to put something to hide. With all kinds of dust and gas streaming off of the comet when it begins to heat up, if you can anchor something relative to the comet’s nucleus, it’d be difficult to detect anything fairly small from any particular distance. The Gallente appeared to have this idea when they first began constructing a station within the gas tail of an unnamed comet deep in the recesses of the Alsottobier system that was slowly moving in system. Such a station would be difficult to detect and always on the mood. Of course, knowing us Gallenteans, it’s just as possible that we started building here just because it would look pretty, and not due to any particularly strategic concerns. Unfortunately, something appears to have gone wrong. Aura explains:

Infested Comet 3The Gallente meant to build a major outpost in the remains of a deep-space comet that had collided with an unknown object.

Unfortunately it got overrun by rogue drones before it was finished and then Core Serpentis smugglers have made their home close by. The rogue drones seem to leave them in peace, probably as they benefit each other for the time being.

Infested Comet 4

The nucleus of the comet can barely be seen through the tail of the comet.

So rather than being the pinnacle of Gallente engineering and aesthetic achievement, we let the half-built station get overrun by rogue drones and Serpentis smugglers. A sad story of half completed hopes and dreams, but one that seems to be happening all too frequently these days. And, true to form, the Serpentis and Rogue Drones were quick to capitalize on the situation, and quickly made their home in the now-abandoned station. Which is a particular shame because the promise of this station, be it as a place to relax or to get some secret work done, seemed great. Of course, that is not to say that all is lost, but only rather that there is simply more work to be done.

Infested Comet 5

A view of the craggered nucleus of the comet, looking back towards the station ruins

Some people have already taken it upon themselves to get that work done. Despite being a wretched hive of scum and villainy, some capsuleers have taken it upon themselves to weed out the various enemies that have taken up residence in the former station. A popular site to earn some isk and salvage drone components, some capsuleers have taken to so-called farming this site, as one was doing on the day I visited the comet remains. Situated in a Dominix-class battleship, this particular pod pilot quickly and efficiently destroyed all visible drones, as well as any Serpentis ships that happened to be nearby. Without so much as a nod to me, sitting in my unarmed Professor Science, the pilot warped off as soon as the site was cleared of enemies. Of course, I knew they’d be back. Rogue drones always came back.

Infested Comet 6

A Serpentis-built elevator stands in the center of the ruined station, the most recent construction at the site

Ignoring the possibility of the drones coming back, I took the opportunity to explore the desolate wrecks. If completed, I could already tell that it would have been a true sight to behold. The station was positioned a few kilometers away from the nucleus of the comet, nestled deeply within the gas tail (the ion tail, alas, was nowhere to be seen). The comet nucleus itself was, as one would expect comet nuclei to be, a noxious combination of gas and dust and ice, pitted with numerous impact craters. Sensors read numerous jets coming from the nucleus’s surface, ensuring that the cocoon of gas wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The station itself has certainly deteriorated, no doubt a combination of stray ammo, rogue drone and Serpentis harvesting, and being continuously pelted by debris from the comet. However, within the center of the station, the Serpentis had constructed a small tower. It seemed to be a minor operational command post, but I couldn’t tell much from my sensors.

Infested Comet 7

What might have been

All in all, this site, buried deep within the Contested Canyon of Rust, and accessible only by going the the Wirykomi Engineering Outpost, is a tale of lost promise. This site had the potential to be a crown jewel (if us Gallente believed in that sort of thing) within the Federation, and it was a true shame to see so run down, overrun, and dilapidated. Comets may no longer be the bringers of doom like my ancestors believed, but this particular comet certainly still has its own sad story to tell.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Infested Comet Remains (Contested Canyon of Rust)
  • System: Alsottobier
  • Security Rating: 0.5
  • Region: Sinq Laison
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Gallente, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen. Furthermore, Serpentis rats and rogue drones (no larger than cruisers, I believe) can be found if they aren’t farmed out.
  • Additional Notes: This also serves as an Gallente COSMOS site.

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  1. Hat. Off.

    Very well done sir, very well done.

    April 10, 2011 at 3:34 pm

  2. I agree with Mandrill. Your entries are always a pleasure to read and this one is no exception. Again very well done and fly safe.

    April 12, 2011 at 4:26 am

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