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T-IPZB Graveyard


Graveyards of ships and men

It’s easy to get bogged down in the little things in life. Those minor deadlines, those little irritations that you run in to throughout the day. Keeping perspective on what the truly important issues are can be difficult, but it is always necessary. In the grander scheme of things, are most of life’s issues really worth worrying about? How many of the issues that cause people so much stress are really worth fighting over? Dying over? Of course, that last question has changed considerably for us capsuleers, but for many people, death is still very much a permanent solution to many problems. It’s too easy to weigh yourself down with all of life’s little problems until you force yourself to take a step back and look at what really matters in your life. Some things just aren’t worth worrying yourself to death over.


T-IPZB can be seen dimly through the haze permeating the graveyard

I bring this up because of a rather surprise site that I stumbled upon during the course of my travels. It isn’t very well-marked, and obviously not very well-known (though I’m not the first person to discover the site), but from what I can tell, it wasn’t even planned. Or maybe it was. But whatever caused this site to form happened with such suddenness, and with such violence, that it apparently caught the poor souls trapped here completely by surprise. As with so many of the sites marked out by CONCORD in New Eden, this particular site was a graveyard. CONCORD apparently had a miscommunication somewhere along the line, marking the site as the T-MOFA graveyard when T-MOFA was the system next to T-IPZB. Still, the standard beacon broadcast sent a sobering tale:

t-i[zb3Some believe that the Blood Raiders who died here still haunt these tombs of twisted metal, and that if you listen closely, you can hear their hateful cries across the depths of space. What happened at this place is indistinguishable from fact or legend, miracle or nightmare. All that is known for sure is that the origins of Jamyl Sarum’s resurgence can be traced to this spot, and that the Blood Raiders suffered horribly to her wrath.


A jumpgate activates as the graveyard hangs in the background

I had little sympathy for Blood Raiders, personally. A quintessential example of religion gone too far. But I also have little sympathy for ambushes with little to no warning (though I suspected that a number of military strategists would disagree with me on that). It seems too much like shooting someone when their back was turned. It seems too dishonest. Yet that appears to be exactly what happened in this backwater system in the middle of nowhere. Whatever it was that allowed now-Empress Sarum to win her stunning victory over the Minmatar Elders was apparently first tested out here, to rather devastating effect. And given some the positioning of the various ships and corpses throughout area suggested that the Blood Raiders were caught by almost complete surprise (though how much you can really expect to/prepare for an attack from someone supposedly dead for 3 years by a weapon of unimagineable power is certainly a subject for debate).


An overview of the attack site.

The devastation was quite apparent. Wrecks littered the area, ranging from barely-recognizable battleship wrecks to the Blood Raider tailored Archon and Revelation wrecks. Though the Blood Raiders’ unique paint scheme was still recognizable, little else survived the wrecks. Among the wrecks, a number of corpses could be seen, those of the unfortunate souls who weren’t immediately vaporized by the attack. I nudged Legacy close to a few of them, and all of them had a look of intense pain frozen on their faces. Unfortunately, the details of what caused their deaths, or the destruction of all of these ships, were few and far between. Over a year after the attack, evidence of what kind of weapon caused it was scant, with no abnormal energy readings or other unusual objects. Just a whole lot of death.


A collection of dead Archons and Revelations

So was this worth dying for? Is their religion worth their life? I don’t know. I suspect that at least some of them would answer yes. But chances are, the people in this graveyard didn’t even have the time to ask the question or think about the answer. Chances are that they didn’t have time to even know what happened before they were hit with a wave of destruction. Not exactly how I would want it to end. Though I didn’t often contemplate how I would finally (and permanently) die, I could only hope that I was dying for something that I felt was worth it, and certainly not while caught by surprise.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: T-IPZB Graveyard
  • System: T-IPZB
  • Security Rating: 0.0
  • Region: Delve
  • Potential Hazards: T-IPZB is deep in 0.0 space, involving jumps across a number of different alliance territories, many of which may be operating under “Not Blue, Shoot It” protocol.  Gate camps (including warp interdiction bubbles) can be found often in transitioning from 0.0 to high security space, as well as on other gates.  Caution is advised.
  • Additional Notes: If anyone ever travels out this way and the Powers That Be finally get around to correcting the name, please let me know.

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  2. This is a most excellent blog and a great angle too. Nicely written and well laid out. Well done, am book marking this one.


    February 16, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    • mark726

      Thanks, it means a lot coming from you 😀

      February 16, 2011 at 8:24 pm

  3. JohnHoe

    The T-MOFA graveyard is in T-I because Band of Brothers asked CCP to move it when they lived there. No I am not kidding.

    March 4, 2011 at 8:57 pm

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