Sightseeing in the Cluster

Carchatur Complex


The remains of an Amarr Imperial Armaments station sit amongst upgraded sensor stations.

Operational security (or “OpSec” to those in the know, which I by no means am) is important for almost any military organization. The needs for OpSec vary depending on both the organization and the mission at hand, but generally speaking, allowing the enemy to know that you are placing units X, Y, and Z at these coordinates at this exact time is considered a bad thing. Of course, the needs for OpSec rise rather quickly when dealing with maneuvers of a more covert nature, be it simple espionage or more complex missions. This was a constant across both the empires and the capsuleer alliances… sometimes you just did not want the enemy to know where or even who you are. Given that fact, I was admittedly nonplussed when Aura spat back some data available on the public GalNet on my next site:

Carchetur2Carchatur is a newly built outpost, created by Lord Arachnan on the ruins of an Imperial Armaments battlestation which was overrun by rogue drones a few years back. Its main function is as a forward point for troop deployment and clandestine missions, with the primary goal of keeping the Blood Raiders out of his areas in the Araz constellation. In the time since its creation it has served well, though rumors of potential Blood Raider infiltration still abound.


A number of tactical outposts stand near the long abandoned station, presumably where the posts' administrative staff lived and worked.

Still, I suppose I had to give the Empire points for openness, consistency, and conservation. Openness for being so willing to say “this is where we launch covert missions from sometimes,” consistency for once again using a long abandoned Amarr station as a notable site here in Araz, and conservation for, well, reusing a long abandoned Amarr station. Admittedly, none of those words were something I’d immediately think of when thinking of the Empire, but I’m one to give credit when it’s due. Whether this was signs of a larger change within the Empire is another matter entirely, especially given the sheer amount of Amarr Lords within just one constellation. Something told me I would need to see a flowchart before I understood the organizational structure just of this constellation. Lords, Governors, Barons, it was enough to give a lowly capsuleer a headache.


A close up of one of the scanning dishes

I shook my head (still a slightly awkward movement when immersed in pod goo) and focused on the site in front of me. Legacy‘s sensors displayed a number of structures, all surrounding the massive, rusting hulk of the abandoned Imperial Armatures complex. Sensors showed that it was, these days, nothing but a hulk, with only the bare superstructure of the station remaining. I didn’t even pick up left over computer circuitry or minor supplies. It was picked clean. Despite the fact that the station was fairly old (and possibly even dating back to the original Yoiul Conventions), I was surprised to see that the basic architecture hadn’t really changed. Indeed, if the station was operational, rather than a rusting hulk, I would be hardpressed to distinguish the station’s architecture from many of the other stations in Amarr space.


Legacy explores the Complex

Surrounding the station are a number of much more modern structures. Making a narrow ring around the structure, four sensor observation outposts, each anchored to their own small asteroid, rotated silently, collecting data in concert from throughout Nidupad and surrounding systems. I suspected that this formed part of the Imperial Palace Complex‘s defense mechanisms, especially given the Carchatur Complex’s quick deployment capabilities. Of course, whether that was actually the case was something that I would never know, but it just made sense. Beyond the sensor platforms, a number of tactical outposts also stood to one side, as if standing guard. They seemed to hold the vast majority of the technical and administrative staff of the entire complex, and probably coordinated the military and clandestine missions throughout the constellation.


The husk of a station stands guard over the rest of the Complex

Legacy floated lazily amongst the various Amarr posts. Surprisingly, there were few Amarr military vessels about, perhaps pointing to some of the more covert parts of the base’s operation, or at least their desire to keep a low profile. As I set Legacy‘s course away from the base, I sent a quick message to Carchetur Complex: if they actually wanted to keep things below the radar (or ladar, or gravimetric, or magnetometric sensors, if that’s your kind of thing), try not to tagged by CONCORD as a public site and advertise it on GalNet. I’m not entirely sure my suggestions to help OpSec were well received.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Carchatur Complex
  • System: Nidupad
  • Security Rating: 0.5
  • Region: Kador
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Amarr, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: This also serves as an Amarr COSMOS site.

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