Sightseeing in the Cluster

Hangman’s Hill


A seemingly normal station.

What is that saying again? “All that glitters is not gold”? While I am normally all for shiny objects, sometimes things are simply not as they appear. I had been preparing to head back to my home base in Domain when I decided to dock up before the rush to take care of a few last minute items. Ihakana was the last system in my route, so I looked at my options. Two State-owned station and a mysterious one simply named “Hangman’s Hill”. I set a course and popped in a search query to Aura. She spit back some results almost instantaneously:

Ihakana2Harsh environment breeds harsh people and in a place where the most popular hobby is murder and mayhem, dying of old age is a feat few accomplish. In a place like Ihakana everything and everyone is somewhat good, somewhat bad and very, very ugly.


I attempt to take the Professor in for a landing near the so-called "Gallows" and the gambling hall.

My eyebrows went up a bit at that description. Heavens know that I had enjoyed my CONCORD protection, but I seriously wonder sometimes if they simply devoted too many resources to capsuleer enforcement. This wasn’t some two-bit drug market or gambling hall, but a full-on station of sin within the confines of CONCORD and State jurisdiction. And there wasn’t a single law enforcement officer to be seen! Maybe I could buy local State officials being paid off (it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch), but CONCORD as well? Something fishy was going on here. Regardless, I still needed those supplies, so I decided to attempt a docking. It seemed to be a fairly standard Gallente-designed station, with an extra landing pad attached near the bottom. I attempted to dock there, but Station control wouldn’t even deign to acknowledge my existence. Either they were passed out drunk or I was missing the code word…


Another view of the station

Clearly, I wasn’t going to get anywhere. I quickly realigned and docked with a formal State station to load up on the supplies I needed. As I came onto the gate out of the system, I noticed a CONCORD swarm, leftover from some poor capsuleer who had probably looked left instead of right in violation of CONCORD regulation 4321(c)(2)(i) or something like that. I shook my head in disgust, and jumped out of the system.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Hangman’s Hill
  • System: Ihakana
  • Security Rating: 0.4
  • Region: The Forge
  • Potential Hazards: Ihakana is a low security system.  Pirates and gate camps should be expected.  A cov ops or other cloaking ship is recommended. Additionally, the following warning can be found on the system’s wiki site: “This system is currently the home base of Idle Empire, who were most notable for their exploits in the ‘Alliance Tournament’, and in the fanfest PVP tournament in Finland. Any travelers through this system should beware as they will shoot on sight.” I, however, did not notice any particular presence in system.
  • Additional Notes: This additionally serves as a COSMOS site.

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