Sightseeing in the Cluster

Bandit Outpost

Bandit Outpost 1

The hollowed out remains of a large asteroid serves as the perfect hiding place

Perhaps one of the most frustrating aspects of being a capsuleer is the never-ending battle between law and lawlessness. Every time I scanned down and destroyed a hidden pirate or enemy base, another one seemed to pop up almost magically. Of course, the cynic in me just see the new bases as a new opportunity to ransack a base for salvaged parts, datacores, or other helpful inventions. But the non-cynical part sees yet another pirate foothold trying to ruin the peace and tranquility that can be found throughout most (though admittedly not all) of Empire space.

Bandit Outpost 2

A pirate hauler

Part of me almost thinks that most of the pirate bases are set up purely to be torn down by us capsuleers. Of course, that’s a crazy idea: there’s no way that could be profitable for the pirates. Still, though, some bases are more permanent than others. Such as the surprisingly well-marked and public pirate base that I found in Friggi. CONCORD had even been so kind as to place a beacon for wayward travelers such as myself to find the site. I suspect that CONCORD tolerates this base because it doesn’t seem to be a base of operations for the pirates, but rather just a market for all your less-than-wholesome needs. CONCORD has enough to worry about between Sansha invasions, capsuleer battles, and other nefarious happenings to worry about a market. As long as they paid taxes on the goods sold, I suspect that CONCORD is willing to look the other way.

Bandit Outpost 3

The pleasure hub

The market itself could be found tucked away among the hollowed-out remains of a large asteroid. All that remained of the original ‘roid were the twisted structural veins that gave the original asteroid some semblance of structural integrity. Of course, these also happened to be the veins worth the least, so it makes sense that they remained untouched by miners. Inside the twisted spikes of rock, a surprisingly well-developed marketplace could be found. Just about any illicit thing that you needed could be found within these shards of rock. Of course, if this were the Federation, I wondered if most of these things would need to remain quite as hidden as they were.

Bandit Outpost 4

A casino is among the attractions of the Outpost

The three major attractions to be found within Outpost were a casino, a narcotics supermarket, and a pleasure hub. Surprisingly, no guard ships could be found circling the outpost. Rather, the only ship other than my own was a hauler sitting just outside the web of asteroidal remains, either unwilling or unable to attempt to get closer to the various markets. All the structures sat within a few kilometers of each other, and small personnel shuttles could be seen zipping between them every now and then. It seemed to be a slow day for them overall, however. I was tempted to stop by and try my hands at the slots in the casino, but I decided that there were better uses of my isk.

Bandit Outpost 5

A narcotics supermarket

I spent a few moments observing the Outpost before heading on my way. I didn’t want to get too wrapped up in the lawless lifestyle; it might make me think twice the next time I scanned down a pirate base, which was the last thing I needed. Pirates may be pirates, and anti-pirates may be anti-pirates, but the lord of them all, I daresay, was the need for ISK.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Bandit Outpost
  • System: Friggi
  • Security Rating: 0.5
  • Region: The Forge
  • Potential Hazards: If you’re below a -4.5 in security status, or -5 standing with the Caldari, you’ll have to deal with some rather unpleasant policemen.
  • Additional Notes: This additionally serves as a COSMOS site.

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