Sightseeing in the Cluster

Alliance Defense Brigade


The Professor flies past a Gallente contingent guarding the Amarr border

Unexpected financial problems meant I was stranded dirtside for a few days this week in order to sort things out. Unable to return to my pod for almost a week, I tried to stay up to date with events beyond the planet as best as I could. Thankfully, relatively new sites on GalNet made that easier than ever. I count myself lucky, however, that I can take these unexpected breaks in stride, with nothing worse for wear. People in the military are not so lucky, especially when your mortal enemy is a mere gate jump away. Indeed, it’s lucky when these poor souls even GET a break, much less a dirtside one.


Minmatar naval ships warily stand watch

For those reasons, I couldn’t really blame Alliance forces for being a little curt with me. It’s not exactly mentally healthy to be on alert 24 hours a day, yet that is precisely where the Alliance currently stands in the out-of-the-way system of Audesder. Ever since the Amarr coalition began building up forces in Kenobanala, Pator and her allies understandably followed suit. The outbreak of hostilities between the two factions has done nothing to ease the tensions. Oddly, despite the ongoing war between the two militias, neither side has seen it appropriate to breach the border, even here beyond CONCORD jurisdiction. Not that I was complaining; capsuleer wars were bloody enough, but non-capsuleer wars tend to be slaughters on one side or the other.


A small command bunker sits cocooned within a protective shield. Outside the shield, a listening post can be seen keeping a watchful eye on the situation.

Only a few million kilometers from the Kenobanala gate, the Alliance quick reaction force rallying point was a hub of activity. Minmatar “freedom force” ships could be found everywhere, ranging from frigates to battleships. Near one of the rallying points, a contingent of Gallente Navy ships orbited, obviously willing lend a hand should the Amarr coalition try anything. A small listening post sat nearby, keeping an eye on the Amarr gate and surrounding environment. Nestled deeply in a protective shield, a small command bunker sat as well, presumably where the brass sat while their subordinates sat exposed outside the shield. Typical military types.


A Gallente Navy Megathron-class ship sits, backlit by Audesder

As could also be predicted, the military contingents were less than keen to see me poking around. The fact that I had rather good standings with my native empire was counterbalanced by the fact that the Caldari had a grudging respect for me. However, I was allowed to observe naval maneuvers for some time before finally being asked to leave. At the same time, one of the Gallente ships released some spider drones. Whether the two acts were related was not, frankly, something I wanted to investigate, and I quickly set a new vector for the Professor and sailed into warp.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction:Alliance Defense Brigade
  • System: Audesder
  • Security Rating: 0.3
  • Region: Molden Heath
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to Audesder involves low sec travel.  Pirates and gate camps should be expected.  A cov ops or other cloaking ship is recommended.

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