Sightseeing in the Cluster

Golgothan Fields


Professor Science comes out of warp near the Fields

I have always considered the Minmatar Rebellion to be one of the great victories in New Eden, though I’m sure at least some Amarrians would disagree with me on this point. The idea that a subjugated  race could rise together to throw off their oppressors, well, it gave me some hope for New Eden, which these days especially seem in all too short of supply. Because I loved this story so much, I have often tried to find ways that I could see the history of the uprising. Most of the small stories and little battles have been lost to time, of course. That’s inevitable. But the big stories, and the overall themes, have survived remarkably well.


The remains of one of the larger ships floats in the emptiness of space

The system of Ennur was the site of one of the most decisive battles in the war. A somewhat out of the way system, on the far outskirts of the present day Republic, Ennur doesn’t really appear to be in the direct line of fire between the Republic homeworlds and the Amarr Empire. It was only through a series of coincidences that this system became the site of one of the biggest battles in the war. The Amarr, at the time of the Rebellion, was also involved in a war against the Jovian Empire. The Amarrians apparently weren’t aware of the Jove technological advantage at the time, as the Jove delivered a number of crushing defeats. It just so happened that the remnants of the Amarr battle fleet passed through Ennur on their way to crush the Minmatar Rebellion. However, the Minmatar evidently learned of this fleet ahead of time, and met them in Ennur with everything they had.


An empty shell floats near the wreckage of the great battle

By all accounts, the battle was intense, lasting for hours as the fleets pounded away from each other. It seems apparent that if the Minmatar lost this battle, the Amarr fleet would have swept through the home worlds, so this was truly the Minmatar last stand. Indeed, for a time, it seemed that the Amarr actually won the battle, as the Minmatar were forced to withdraw from the battle. It was a bit of a pyrrhic victory, however. Most of the heavy hitters of the Amarr fleet, the top of the line combat ships, were either crippled or destroyed. The battle gave the Minmatar time to regroup and claim ultimate victory in the war.


A view of the battle field from afar shows the two major areas of debris.

Today, the Golgothan Fields stand in memory of the battle fought in Ennur. As with most things in New Eden, the shells of the great ships have long been picked clean by scavengers, and the low security status of the system means that pirates and other unseemly characters are not uncommon. Still, at least some hints of the great battle survive to present day. Two large ships of old design float in the ruins. From here, I can’t tell if the old designs are Amarr or Minmatar, as little survives other than the bare superstructure of the capital (?) ships. Pieces of debris, either from these behemoths or smaller ships, litter the area, ranging in size from small chunks to pieces a few times larger than the Professor. Most are clustered near the remnants of the two large ships, but pieces can be found throughout the area.


The Professor banks towards one of the larger fields of debris

I spend a while flying between the two major debris fields, as well as simply thinking back to this more violent time. The recent Sansha attacks, if nothing else, have reminded me that freedom is a precious thing. It would have to be if so many people are willing to not only fight, but die, in order to give it to others. The Minmatar were not just willing to fight individually, but as an entire civilization, to win back the freedom that they had lost. I would like to think that even the most hardcore Amarr traditionalists had to give the Minmatar credit for that.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Golgothan Fields
  • System: Ennur
  • Security Rating: 0.1
  • Region: Molden Heath
  • Potential Hazards: Getting to Ennur involves low sec travel.  Pirates and gate camps should be expected.  A cov ops or other cloaking ship is recommended.

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