Sightseeing in the Cluster

Roden Shipyards

Roden Shipyards

An unexpected sight in pirate territory

Rancer is many things.  Welcoming is not one of them.  As one of the main thoroughfares for traveling between Sinq Laison and Metropolis, and more importantly, as a low security system, Rancer had quickly become known as one of the more dangerous low security space systems, where pirates loved to prey on unsuspecting ships.  Perhaps not quite as bad as Amamake, but still notorious nonetheless.  As such, I was taking no chances when it came to traveling the system, en route to another landmark.  The Professor was fully cloaked as I warped her through to Crielere.

Halfway through the warp, however, I noticed something come up on my system map that I didn’t recognize.  Frowning, I pinged the local com net relay.  It came back mercifully empty, meaning that I was the only one in system for the moment.  Feeling a little brazen, I decloaked the Professor and set a course for the unknown signature.  As I came out of warp, Aura gave me a little bit of background on the signature:

This site is just one of many production and manufacturing assets of Jacus Roden, whose shipyards continue to yield great fortunes—both for him and for all those under Roden’s employ. A self-made capsuleer who emerged from retirement to make his bid to lead the Gallente Federation, Roden is a powerful man with connections in every corner of the nation, and it would be wise not to cross him. His passion for the welfare of the Federation is genuine, as is his intent to rule.


The shipyard was surprisingly busy given the constant pirate threat

A fully functional shipyard zoomed into view.  I was a tad surprised.  Roden was, of course, well known in the Federation, and Roden Shipyards was one of the Federation’s premier companies, rivaling some of the smaller Caldari megacorps, and their R & D programs really can’t be beat.  Still, given such a high profile system, I was expecting more in the way of security.  I didn’t see anything obvious, at least, as I took the Professor in for a closer look.


A ship drops off supplies for the new ship productions

It wasn’t long before the shipyard hailed me, requesting me to state my business.  They seemed a bit wary that I was just here for a look around, but seeing as how I was just in a Buzzard (and a quick scan proved I wasn’t carrying a cyno), they gave me a few moments to poke around.  It was quite an elaborate production, really.  Half finished ships sat inside cradles, I could even make out a few workers gamma-welding hull pieces in place.  An Obelisk sat on a cargo pad, presumably offloading yet more supplies.

Eventually, shipyard security got fed up with me, threatening to bring in the full force of the Federation Navy if I didn’t vacate the premises, a not-empty threat given the new President.  Not wanting to press my luck, I resumed my original course.  As the Professor entered warp, I reflected on just how unlikely it was that I had ran across this.  One thing was for sure: New Eden is always full of surprises.

Basic Information:

  • Attraction: Roden Shipyard
  • System: Rancer
  • Security Rating: 0.4
  • Region: Sinq Laison
  • Potential Hazards: Rancer is a well-known pirate haven.  Be prepared for gate camps.  Low sec travel is needed to get to the landmark.  Caution is advised.
  • Additional Note: Such sites can be found throughout Gallente space and Caldari space. A high security example of this is in Iyen-Oursta.

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